My Beautiful, Loving and Hot Wife

i hurried home yesterday after meeting an old friend for lunch.  He was visiting in the area and insisted we get together but leaving me very few options for a meeting time.  i arrived early hoping that it would give me a good reason to leave early enough to beat Paul and Diane home.  That came close to working, but not close enough.  They were already there when i arrived, with Paul's car in the driveway and the two of them behind the closed door of our bedroom.  It was then that the butterflies returned along with a bit more anxiety.

Just as Diane had said, there was a not on the island with a few instructions for me.  "There's some panties for you to wear and something to serve sitting on the table upstairs.  It makes for a cute picture.  Change into it.  You can do the serving later.  When you're changed, knock on the bedroom door.  Love, Di"

The table Diane was referring to sits against the wall in the walkway leading to the master bedroom in the upper level of our home.  It's not a huge table so i doubted the outfit She, Paul or the both of them had selected was very complex.  i was correct.

On the table was a pair of my pink ruffled sissy panties, strewn next to a bottle of  2012 "Menage a Trois" California Red Wine.  To the side sat a pair of white thigh high stocking with a little lace around the tops.  More anxiety, as i thought about knocking on the door and facing Paul in this outfit.  i'd have preferred something that would cover me up much more than this.  But this wasn't about my preferences.

i almost forgot about Diane's hint in her note - "It makes for a cute picture" - and ran back down the stairs to get my iPhone and took a picture of what She'd set out.  i slipped out of the clothes i was wearing and into the panty and thigh highs.  i heard a bit of stirring in the bedroom but it wasn't very loud. i took a deep breath and walked into the little alcove leading to our bedroom.

There, hanging sexily and daintily on the door handle, were the black panties Diane had been wearing yesterday morning.  The one's i kissed as i knelt behind Her while She put on Her makeup.  The panties on the door seemed fitting.  There i stood staring at them; panties that symbolized Her nudity while in the arms of another man just on the other side of the door.  Strange, but i decided to take another picture.

Before knocking, i decided to touch the panties just a bit, wondering if they were wet in the crotch. They were a little damp, but far from wet.  Maybe they hadn't been there that long.  Finally, i knocked on the door.

There was a pause of a few seconds, maybe more like 5 to 10, before Diane's voice beckoned me to come in.  "Welcome home, you can come in" She said.  i had my own pause, experiencing a little fear for the first time not knowing what to expect, and finally opened the door.

Diane stood in front of Paul as he held Her in his arms.  She looked beautiful.  Absolutely stunning.  She wore black thigh highs, black heels and a black collar around Her neck.  The collar was simple black leather with a ring on the front.  Unmistakable, it was a collar that was made to have a leash attached to it.  Diane had the most beautiful smile on Her face as Paul held Her.

Paul was totally naked.  My first impression was that he was more muscular than i thought he'd be.  He wasn't overly hairy, but neither was he smooth.  The hair on his body was a sharp contrast to my own smoothness; just another one of the many difference between the two of us.

Paul broke the silence and said "Relax.  We're glad you're here.  We've actually been waiting for you."  i stammered a "Thank you" and Diane immediately corrected me by saying "Thank you what?'  Submissively, i corrected myself and said "Thank you Sir."   "That's better" She said and Paul smiled.

Surprisingly, Paul wasted little if any time in getting down to why he was there.  The idle chatter was over.  "sissy" he said, "I want you to lay on  your back right here" pointing to the southwestern style rug in front of the bed that covered part of our wood floors.  i did as i was told.  Paul then stood over me with his legs straddling my chest as he looked down at me.  Our eyes met briefly before i got a glimpse of his cock.  i couldn't tell you its exact size, but it's bigger than mine.  Longer and thicker.

my line of sight to his crotch was quickly interrupted when Paul said to Diane "your turn."  Diane wasted little time to straddle my face and kneel in front of Paul.  "You both know what to do now I assume" he said.  i began to kiss the lips between Her legs, and i could hear Her doing the same, and more, to Paul's cock.

Though the panties Diane had left on the door handle were merely damp, She was already very wet when i began to kiss Her.  i mean, very, very wet.  Perhaps there had been some foreplay the moments before i arrived, or perhaps She was incredibly turned on by what was happening.  Probably a combination of both.

My face was covered by Diane and though some of my hearing was affected by the same, but there was not mistaking what was happening above me.  Diane was feasting on Paul and enjoying it.  And Paul seemed to be enjoying it even more.  He was very verbal, teasing Diane (and me indirectly) that She'd missed having access to a real cock for awhile.  "You can never get enough when you're with me right?" He ask Her.  i heard Her say "Huh huh" but it was very muffled, not willing to take a break from what She was doing.  Her juices flowed more and more and it was then that She had a smaller orgasm.  His comments turned Her on immensely.

Paul must have sensed how aroused Diane was and abruptly pushed himself away from Her.  "Up on the bed" he told Her, "facing us."  Diane got up, but not before sitting on me just a little heavier than She had been and running herself over my face.  i watched Her strut to the bed, get on all fours with Her butt facing the headboard and Her eyes glued on me.

"Your turn" Paul said.  "On your knees.  Let's see what Diane's taught you, or maybe it was Jake."  Both of the laughed.  i knelt, and submissively took Paul into my mouth.  i thought about a cuckold's role or fluffing duties.  If this was fluffing, it was purely symbolic in nature.  Paul was already fully erect (and bigger than my original impression) and ready for Diane.  The most erotic (and humiliating) part of my doing this was that i could smell and even taste Diane on him.  i could smell Her in his crotch and taste Her on him.  The slight smell of Her perfume and the taste of her oral juices seemed unmistakable.  i was filled with a rush i'd never experienced before.

i continued to do my best to please Paul and when making eye contact with Diane, always noticed a smile on Her face.   Paul was a little less vocal with me, but did compliment me on my oral skills.  "It must run in the family" He laughed.  Impressed by his size, i was happy he didn't force himself down my throat because i certainly would have gagged.

"That's enough" he said pulling out but rubbing the head over my lips before waking towards the bed.  "We don't want to disappoint the Mrs. now do we?  Or make her jealous right?"  Naturally, i responded "Yes Sir."

i felt silly just being left there, kneeling on the rug in front of our bed as Paul climbed behind Diane and began teasing Her.  "Go ahead" he said to Her "You can start."  i wasn't sure what he meant, but clarification came quickly (i would have cum too had i not been locked) as Diane began begging Paul to make love to Her.  This little game continued for a few minutes, Diane's please growing louder and more desperate.  i just watched, feeling humiliated, silly and aroused in my ruffled panties and thigh highs as eventually, Paul yielded to Diane and told Her to back up onto him.

Diane appeared to be in sexual heaven. There was little eye contact between She and i. Instead, She appeared lost in sexual bliss.  The lovemaking became more aggressive as He vigorously moved in and out of Her, grabbing the collar around Her neck and riding Her.  Diane seemed to have at least a couple of orgasms before Paul finally had his and he held Her hips tightly as he climaxed.

To a cuckold, there's quite nothing to describe the beauty of seeing your wife in the arms of another man, sexually fulfilled like you've never seen her before.  It's the most beautiful sight.  Diane looked more beautiful than ever.  

The two collapsed on the king sized bed, each laying back before embracing.  i felt awkward, still kneeling and waiting for the slightest hint that i would or wouldn't be needed.  Finally, Paul said "Well, I guess it's time for you know what" as he looked back towards me.  "Climb on up here and do the cuckold thing" he said "on me first of course."

For many cuckolds this is the moment of truth or the moment they've been waiting for.  Yet for me, it seemed like a very calming moment.  Maybe i hesitated a little but not much.  Diane's escape into Her own little fantasy world seemed to have expired, and She was back smiling at me.  i got onto the bed, knelt in front of Paul and did "the cuckold thing" and tasted Diane in a much more intimate way on him.  He seemed to enjoy it, keeping me there longer than i thought he would.  He started getting hard again.

"Okay, now we'll let you enjoy a real treat" he said.  Diane was waiting and i eagerly buried myself between Her thighs.   i don't recall Diane ever climaxing as quickly as She did.  Her orgasm affirmed that She'd enjoy watching what i did to Paul, and loved what i was doing to Her.  It was as if She was finally able to enjoy the fruits of Her labors; months of planning had come to fruition.

Of course, a cuckold's time with his Wife and Her lover is often abruptly ended.  That's what happened.  "Why don't you go put on a cute bathrobe and give us some time together" Diane suggested.  i took the cue and made my way into our walk in closet and came out with some pink slippers and a pink satin bathrobe with white polka dots.

"You look really cute" Paul teased.  "And you were awesome.  Really great.  Wasn't he?" he asked Diane.

She paused, looked at me and said "Yes, she certainly was.  We'll call you when we want the wine."

i thanked them both and left the room.

They stayed in the room together for about another hour.  There was more lovemaking, but not before the unmistakable sound of a spanking with the riding crop.  With all that had gone on, i'd forgotten about the crop and didn't even notice its absence on the bed when i got in the bedroom.  There were other things that had my attention.

i was called to serve the wine.  They enjoyed the "Menage a Trois."  They should, after all they're the one's who picked it out.

Paul left and said his goodbyes, giving Diane a big kiss and hug on his way out.  When he was outside and Diane had closed the door, She turned to me, gave me a big thumbs up, walked towards me and gave me one of the most passionate kisses i've ever had.

It wasn't the type of "Menage a Trois" that most men dream about.  Just sissy cuckolds.


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