Accepting Paul's Rules

Last night, much to my surprise Diane suggested that rather than wait until we return home, i let Paul know of my decision to accept the rules he set out for my full cuckold involvement with he and Diane. 

"Include Paul on the daily Chastity Report you send me tomorrow morning" She told me.  "I think it will it would be a very pleasant surprise.  I'm sure you'll make him happy.  Sending him the report was one of his rules right?"

It certainly was and in retrospect it was one that he appeared to emphasize a bit more than some of the others.  Diane believes he has no interest in being my "keyholder" other than at the times he is
there with us.  She also has not intention of relinquishing Her rights as my ultimate keyholder.  

Originally, Diane seemed to want to have some sort of formalized or symbolic event or scene where i would officially accept his terms in front of the two of them.  But always one to spring the element of surprise on me, She's now done the same thing to Paul.  Diane also wanted me to include January's Chasity Report in my email to him, giving him "a greater understanding of how this works."

Diane's "suggestion" fell short of a strict directive but i knew it's what She wanted me to do.  i refer to it as a suggestion because She did ask me what i thought about it.  i was surprised at Her suggestion, believing that all this would have to wait until we got back.  The wait was making me anxious for several reasons, one of course was wondering what Diane had planned and how all this would play out.  By doing it this way, much of that anxiety is gone or at least diminished.  i told Her it was a good idea.

So this morning, i entered yesterday's data on my time in chastity, attached the January and February reports to the email i routinely send to Diane each morning, added Paul's email address to the "To" line, wrote a brief message to both of them, and clicked "Send."

The message to Paul in part read:

"Sir....after careful consideration i've decided to accept the rules you set out at our meeting on January 14th and the subsequent discussion we had on January 23rd.  Beginning today, i will include you on this Daily Chastity Report....i look forward to doing my best to make this work so that it is pleasurable to both you and Diane.


sissy terri
i let Diane read the note before i sent it and She thought it was nice.  i'd originally signed off with "regards" instead of "submissively."  The latter was Her suggestion, saying that it expressed a deeper commitment.  i agreed.

i'm not completely sure when i will get to see Paul with Diane next, but right now it looks like it will be next Wednesday.  i'm sure the anxiety might build up again, but for now at least i feel a bit relieved.


sissy terri

p.s. - A special thanks, hugs and kisses to Candi for the beautiful post about her new maids uniform and the beautiful picture!  Aren't i lucky to have such a sweet and beautiful sissy gurlfriend?