Wearing Diane's Panties

Diane insisted "it" was Paul's idea.  If it was, then Paul certainly "gets it" when it comes to humiliating a submissive sissy cuckold like me.  If it wasn't, and Diane had at least something to do with it, then it's just an innocent little white lie on Her part.  And there's not doubt She "gets it."  More about "it" later.

Wednesday's little tryst between Diane, Paul and i didn't last very long.  i didn't look at the clock when they arrived, but Paul was certainly there less than an hour.  The brief encounter was announced by a phone call from Diane when they were probably 10 minutes from our home.  The phone call was to tell me how to dress (nothing but some pink slippers, my strawberry shortcake apron and of course my chastity belt) and what to do (take the bed down but leave the panties and crop there and wait for them in the kitchen) and to let me know that Paul wouldn't be able to stay long since he had a meeting that evening.  i sensed some sort of surprise was coming.  i was correct.

The two of them wasted little time in heading to the bedroom.  There was a "hello sissy" from Paul and "we'll call you when we need you" from Diane.  i stayed in the kitchen for fewer than 10 minutes before i was summoned by Paul.  "You can come in now sissy" was all he said.

When i walked into the room the first thing i noticed was how bright it was.  We have a very large picture window on one side of our bedroom that faces the back patio and a view of the desert.  Despite it's privacy (no one can really peek into it the way the house faces and because of the elevation) we usually keep the window shades down.  On Wednesday, they were wide open with a full view of our pool and large patio.

Now, let me get to "it."

My eyes quickly adjusted to the brightness and i saw Diane kneeling on the bed, face down buried into a billow, legs spread and with Her beautiful bottom raised up.  She was wearing nothing but the panties i had bought at Victoria's Secret earlier that morning, following Her's and Paul's specific instructions.  The panties looked far better on Her than they would have on me.  Diane didn't move at all when i came in, nor did She say anything.  Her face just stayed buried in the pillow.

Paul stood at the foot of the bed naked and holding the riding crop.  Diane's white panties lay crumbled on the floor at his feet.  "And you were so worried about how the panties would look on you" he said with a sarcastic smile on his face.  "Don't you think they look nice now?"  i was able to come up with a "Yes Sir" as i stared at Diane's beautiful frame on the bed, Her ass on full display toward the wide open window.

My dreamy state was quickly broken by Paul.  With the end of the crop, he picked up Diane's panties from the floor and handed the to me.  "Here, put these on.  But before you do, feel how wet the crotch is."  i took them and immediately felt the dampness of the crotch.  They hadn't been there very long and Diane was definitely aroused when She took the panties off.  Either that or they had purposely wet them in the bathroom.  i think it was the former and not the latter that got them wet.

"Diane wants you here for her spanking" Paul said.  "Kneel over there like a good sissy" he said pointing to the front side of the bed.  i knelt on one side of her while Paul stood on the other with the crop.  It was as intense a scene as i've ever been involved in, kneeling there in chastity, in my wife's panties and watching Her as She awaited a spanking from Her lover.

Paul began by teasing Her with the crop, running it up and down Her inner thighs and using the flat leather at the end of the crop to tease Her vaginal lips.  "She gets wet so easy" he said looking at me then gave Her a little slap on the ass with the crop.  "Are you ready honey?" he asked Diane.  "Yes Paul" She said and then, no doubt on queue added in a very submissive sounding voice "Please spank me."

"You're such a naughty girl" he told Her as he began to swat Her.  As the swats became more intense, He asked Her why She was being spanked.  "Because I wet my panties" was Her reply.  Paul laughed and continued the spanking, he would only stop to use the end of the crop to massage Her pussy.  When he did, Diane would moan in pleasure.  He did this often and once, set the crop down, pulled Her panties aside and used his finger to probe Her.  i wasn't sure, but i thought She might have had a mini orgasm when he did that.  He then resumed the spanking.

There was plenty of verbal teasing which i thought was obviously for my benefit but after seeing and hearing how Diane responded to it all, there was definitely pleasure all around.  "Bet you'd enjoy having a patio full of friends to see you get spanked eh?" Paul asked Diane.  She loved the teasing. 

And Paul? By now he was totally erect, clearly pleased with how things were progressing.  The spanking lasted until Diane's bottom was bright red.  There were no welts or serious marks, as if Paul knew exactly when to stop to avoid such things.  He'd accomplished what he wanted.

He pointed to the panties She wore with the crop and told me to "take them off."  i slid them down with Diane's cooperation.  When they were off, She got back in the original face down ass up position, her reddened backside waiting for more. 

"Would you like to get me ready for Diane?" Paul asked me.  i told him i would and he laughed and said "Maybe next time when I have more time."  Maybe he sensed my disappointment, or maybe he had it planned all along but he then said "But you can at least kiss it."  i submissively planted a kiss on the head of his cock.

"You can go now and come back in when I leave" Paul said.  i left them alone for the remainder of their lovemaking.  It was short but intense.  i could hear their moans of pleasure.  There was no faking it. 

Not long after, i was called in again but this time by Diane.  When i got up to the bedroom Paul was dressed and giving Diane an intimate kiss.  "She's all yours now.  Enjoy" he said.  "Don't worry, I can let myself out."

i did what a cuckold does after the lover's left.  Diane had multiple orgasms, surprising since She'd had at least two with Paul.  i could taste and feel Paul in Her, which made it that much more intense and satisfying for both of us. 

i'd never seen Diane so submissive and yet so aroused.

i never did get a chance to wear the panties i bought that day.  Funny, but wearing Diane's made me feel even more submissive.


sissy terri