A Cuckold's Emotions

I couldn't wait for Diane to get home last night.  I could tell from her voice earlier that she was in a very playful and loving mood when she told me to look sexy for her when she got home.  As much as I went back and forth on what to wear for her, I realize that she would have loved anything I had chosen.

The short nightie I chose, sort of a babydoll style with matching panties was accompanied by some white thigh high stockings with bows on them.  The nightie was a pastel yellow and the thigh highs were white.  I put a white pearl necklace on as well and some white heels.

When Diane walked through the door, she raised her eyebrows, smiled and let out a sexy cat whistle!  "Don't we look pretty tonight" she said.  She put her things down and took me in her arms as we kissed softly.   The kiss was one that revealed her intentions:  she wanted to make love to me, and she wanted me to please her.

She chose to make love to me first, and it was as emotionally satisfying an experience as I've had in many months.  She knows what I enjoy, and I was soon on my back at the edge of the bed with my nighty pulled up to reveal my smooth chest, while Diane slid her strap-on into me like an expert.  She touched my cock softly as I got more excited and milked me to a beautiful orgasm.  I licked my juices from her fingers as she fed me. 

Diane allowed me to relax for a few minutes as she lay on top of me, her smooth breasts against my own.  We kissed passionately, and soon I was pleasing her like I always do.  Her orgasm was a powerful one.  She moaned more than usual and squeezed my head so hard I thought I might pass out.  Lovingly, she thanked me for being so attentive to her.  The evening seemed absolutely perfect.

After changing so that I could prepare some dinner for her, I poured her a glass of white wine and she relaxed in the den while I went about my chores.  I could hear her on the phone a couple of times on different calls.   Her phone rang once and I realized she was talking to Brian.  She talked with him for about 15 minutes and as she headed into the kitchen I heard her say it was time for dinner and she was looking forward to next week.

We made some small talk at dinner and she once again told me how pretty I looked when she got home and how enjoyable the evening was.  I asked her when she was seeing Brian again and she told me that plan was for them to get together next Wednesday, probably around mid afternoon.  What she said next wasn't necessarily a surprise, but just the same it set my emotions on a roller coaster ride once again.

"I'd like to meet him here.  The hotel thing is pretty risky for both of us.  Too many people around her know the both of us and we don't want to risk it."

I hesitated and said "Okay."

"You'd have to disappear for three or four hours that afternoon.  I told him Wednesday would work because you're usually out on Wednesdays playing golf and not back until dinner time.  I used that to convince him it was safe to be here.  It would be even better if I told him you were out of town."

So many thoughts plowed through my brain at one time.  Many of them questions to myself.  I wondered if Diane, when she had an affair many years ago, had brought a man home to sleep in our bed?  As an "open cuckold" now, does another man sleeping in the marital bed make it more official?  Why was I aroused yet feeling down at the same time?

"Just say I'm out of town.  I'll find something to do" I said. 

She came over, kissed me and gave me a loving hug.   "I still love you and always will you know."

"I know you do" I told her.

The humiliation that comes with letting another man make love to my wife in our bed is going to be with me before it even happens.