OMG!!! What a sissy!

I think most crossdressers pay more attention to the latest fashion news than most people.  I know I do.  A topic that's always at the forefront of fashion is what celebrities are wearing, especially gossip about those who commit fashion gaffe's.  One of today's items on omg! on Yahoo, shows "Sex in the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker in a sheer Louis Vuitton white outfit revealing her black bra under the outfit's top.  How outrageous!  Check it, and other celebs pictures here.

Submissive males often have fantasies of being forced to dress in outrageous outfits and being exposed publicly by their Dominants.  Other times, the humiliation is a bit more subtle.  It could include just being made to wear ladies shorts or other items of clothing.  Also, there's some erotic humiliation attached to having some dark lingerie seen through sheer white ladies slacks or a similar top like the outfit poor Sarah is sporting in this picture.

I would never want to be caught dead looking like she does in this photo.  Personally, my preference would be a pink or other pastel colored bra.  Black is just not my color. 

Would be interesting to hear the whispers...."OMG!  What a sissy!"