The Cuckold Bed

Keeping yourself busy while your wife is at home having a tryst with her lover is not the easiest thing to do.  I felt awkward 100% of the time. 

Diane met Brian at our home a little later than planned because he had a meeting that lasted longer than he expected.  That led to a phone call from Diane telling me that she would call me when it was "safe" for me to come home.  The call came while I was "enjoying" my second overpriced cup of decaf and reading several newspapers on my laptop and a trendy downtown coffee shop.  I wanted to post something on the blog while there, but the lack of privacy caused me to change my mind.

Diane's call came a few minutes after 9:30.  She and Brian had been together for nearly five hours.  A "wham bang thank you ma'am" it wasn't.

I took my time on the drive home.  I don't think I ever went over the speed limit.  I wanted to go home but was in no hurry to do so, wondering what I would find.  Disappearing from your home so that another man can make love to your wife in "the marital bed" weighs heavily on your mind.  Last night the marital bed become "the cuckold bed."  That's all I could think of.  For all the sexual excitement and eroticism surrounding cuckolding and how it plays on the mind of a submissive male, there's a real life aspect that's not always easy to deal with. 

Diane was waiting in the living room watching some news program when I got home.  She was wearing a black satin bathrobe, one that I had bought her for her birthday a few years ago.  She called it her favorite bathrobe.  I wondered if she had put it on while she was with Brian, or only after he left.

Diane approached me and gave me a kiss.  "Thanks" she said.  "I appreciate you doing what you did."

"No problem" I told her.  Yeah sure...no problem. I use that term all the time and I hate it.  I say it whether there's a problem or not.  Just another example of acquiescing to her.  Seems like everything I did or said yesterday just deepened my cuckolding. 

Earlier in the morning, just before Diane left for her office, she took out a pair of my "sissy panties", ones with rows and rows of lace across the bottom.   "I want you in these today" she said.  After thanking me last night she asked if I was still in my sissy panties.  I told her I was as she rubbed her hands over my ass so she could feel the ruffles on the panties.  "Very nice" she said. 

She suggested we go upstairs to the master bedroom.  The cuckold part of me wanted to see the bed all disheveled and every sign of cuckolding I could think off when I walked in.  The husband part of me wanted Diane to have tidied up the room before I got home and even changed the bed.  The cuckold part of me won out.  There was plenty of evidence of lovemaking everywhere. 

The bed was as unmade as could be.  The pillows were strewn all over the place, with an extra couple laying on the floor.  I wondered what the had used the pillows for?  Diane's work clothes, including her bra and panties lay on a chair in the corner of the room.  I also spotted the panty that went with the babydoll nightie she wore for Brian.  It was sticking out from under one of the pillows near the header of the bed.  An odd location I thought. 

I saw the package of magnum condoms on the nightstand on what was usually her side of the bed.  I wondered how many they had used, where they were, and whether she had put the on Brian's cock.  It was then that I looked over to the other side of the bed, my side, that I saw at least two used condoms loosely wrapped in some tissues.

I took this all in in a matter of seconds, but it seemed like it took an hour.  I know it's silly, but I thought I could almost detect a certain earthy smell of lovemaking in the room. 

Diane's voice got me out of the small trance I was in when she said "I want you to take everything off except your sissy panties and come into bed to lick me."

I stripped down to the panties and felt so much embarrassment when I couldn't hide my erection.  Diane just smiled and didn't say anything.  She took her bathrobe off, revealing the nightie I had bought on our last shopping trip together.  She rearranged the pillows so that she could lay back on them, spread her legs and watched me go down on her.  I licked the pussy where Brian's cock had been just a little while ago.  I was surprised at how wet she was.  There wasn't any trace of semen from what I could tell.  Diane was clearly aroused by this whole thing.  She came within a a few minutes.  Too soon in her opinion.  She made me stay there until she had another orgasm.

I also had an orgasm.  In my sissy panties.  Diane let me mount her and hump her while she wrapped her lovely legs around me.  Guess how long I lasted?  I messed the panties very quickly.

We lay together and it was quiet for a few minutes.  Then Diane said that before Brian left he said he wished he could spend the night.  She told him that "yeah, that would be nice.  Maybe someday."
"You know what though" she said, "I really couldn't wait for you to get home."

She had me clean up the room a bit before we went to bed.  I didn't change the sheets though.  I thought there were a few damp spots. No doubt Diane's wetness from a night of lovemaking. 

This morning I put a fresh set of sheets on the cuckold bed.