Waiting Was The Hardest Part

"The waiting is the hardest part
 Every day you see one more card
 You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
 The waiting is the hardest part"
                                                  Tom Petty

Last night as every minute that passed by felt like an hour, I waited to hear from Diane.  The last time I had heard from her before she met Brian was just after 5:30 PM when she arrived at the hotel.  She was non-committal as to what time she would be home, only to say that there was no way she would be spending the night.  Her "excuse" to be away for the evening was a going away dinner for a colleague who was moving to take another job.

As the time passed by ever so slowly, it was only "normal" to think that the later it became, the more Diane was enjoying herself. The things I thought about are too numerous to list.  I kept wondering how long a tryst like this should take?  How long do two married people who have never had sex with one another stay in bed together the first time they get together?  Do any early awkward moments make the night last longer?  Is there plenty of foreplay?  Or does the passion involved mean they just rip each others' clothes off and jump into bed?

I honestly thought I would get a call around 8 PM.  I came up with that estimate after walking through various scenarios in my mind over and over.  Yesterday afternoon, I would have thought that as the night wore on and I hadn't heard from Diane I would become more nervous.  Instead, as 8 PM came and went, I began to feel more like a cuckold.  The waiting was difficult but yet, the longer I waited to hear from her, the feeling that comes with being a cuckold and knowing what was likely happening at that very moment became more and more intense.

Diane called at 9:32 PM.  I remember the exact time because as soon as the phone rang I looked at the clock on our DVD player.  "I'm still at the restaurant and will be leaving in about 10 minutes" she said, "I didn't want you to worry."  From her conversation, I knew she was still with Brian and thought I could hear just a little bit of background noise.  Knowing that he was so close to her while she spoke with me got me hard.

She called about 15 minutes later while she was on her way home.  She told me she had called me earlier so that I wouldn't worry unnecessarily.  Then she said "I thought you'd like the fact that I called you while still in Brian's room."  I hesitated to say anything.  I wanted to tell her I did, but felt embarrassed.  She broke the silence by asking me "Well, did you?"  I told her I did.  "I knew you would" she said.

Diane got home about a half hour later.  The first thing she did was to kiss me and say "Thank you.  I had a great time."

We talked for a little while about the evening.  Brian was a bit nervous at the beginning she said, and so was she.  They made love twice, with a break in between where they ordered something light from the room service menu.  I thought sitting down like that and hearing her tell me about it would be more difficult than what it was.  Diane said she doesn't want to hide anything from me.  The discussion went well.

Finally she said it was time to go upstairs, "I want to make your cuckolding complete."

I knew what she meant.  When we were in bed, I got between her legs and licked her where just an hour or so before, another man's cock had been.  There were no creampies left for me like many other cuckolds get to enjoy, but her pussy definitely felt and tasted different.  Perhaps someday there will be one for me to taste.