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The emotional roller coaster I've felt the past month has surprisingly seemed to lessen some now that Diane and Brian have actually been together.  I've been doing plenty of reading, not just on blogs but on other more authoritative sites that deal with lifestyle BDSM and D/s relationships, and I think that's been helpful.  I've learned that becoming a submissive involves a process and part of the process is acceptance; acceptance of who you are and accepting things that are important to your Dominant.

Diane has also been very helpful.  Since the other night she's shown concern for my feelings but at the same time making it clear that she wants to see Brian again.  This isn't going to be an every day thing with them, but it won't be a once and done fling either.  There aren't any specific plans for them to get together again, but she tells me they will and it's just a matter of logistics.

The relationship they have is in its early stages, but from my observations and what she's told me, it's strictly a sexual relationship.  They both want something highly sexual that doesn't come with too much emotional baggage and attachment.  Diane's pretty straightforward and businesslike in what she wants, and she seems to be no different with this.  I'm pretty sure her discussions with Brian that led up to their first sexual encounter made her feelings pretty clear.

I also wanted to let my readers know that I started a tumblr blog a little while ago.  I'll use it to post and reblog pictures that I find interesting.  I put a link to it right below my list of favorite cuckold blogs and hopefully it will update whenever I put a new photo up.  The blogs name is the same as this one:  "A Married Sissy."

Here's a picture of what I reblogged a little while ago.  I happen to love everything about this picture.  What sissy wouldn't?????