A sissy and a Stud

It was a very strange discussion last night with Diane.  All day yesterday my emotions felt like a ping pong ball going back and forth.  When Diane got home, she was as cool, calm and collected as she's ever been.  It was as if the night before hadn't even happened.  Her lovemaking with Brian in our bedroom had taken place less than 24 hours before and her demeanor made it seem like it happened decades ago. 

Of course, that's the way she is; always in control of her emotions and surroundings, at times appearing so cold and aloof.  While the rest of us are emotional wrecks, she remains in command of any situation. 

So when I asked her if she thought Brian knew that I knew about the two of them she could only laugh.  "You men are so much the same.  You may be a sissy and Brian may be a stud, but you are so alike" she told me.

I asked her what she meant by that and she told me that Brian had asked her the same question last night.  He wanted to know if if she thought I had any suspicion about the two of them.  She told him that I was "clueless" about the whole thing and he needn't worry at all.  I didn't like her use of the term "clueless" because of the way it portrayed me in Brian's eyes.  Like an idiot who has absolutely no idea that his wife is fucking another man.

Diane assured me that the only reason she used such a term was an obvious one, to put Brian at ease about the whole thing.  "It was a very selfish reason.  I didn't want any anxiety he had to affect his performance" she told me, "and it didn't."

Diane found it interesting that I would worry about what Brian thinks about me.  She asked me teasingly if I would rather he know all about me.  It was a rhetorical question that I didn't answer.