March Madness for Sissies

I played soccer, basketball and baseball in high school and was just an average athlete.  There were no dreams of college level athletics, but it was fun while it lasted.  Like all my other male friends in high school, I had more than a passing interest in the team's cheerleaders.  However, my interests went beyond the regular active hormonal activity that focuses on sex alone.  I also had a high level of interest in their cheerleader uniforms, in particular the panties that went with the outfits.

By the time I was enrolled in our city's largest parochial high school, I think even the Catholic administrators had given up their fight to keep hemlines short and cheerleader uniforms anything but provocative.   The slightest movement by the cheerleaders revealed one beautiful bottom after another encased in panties that matched the uniform.  I got benched more than once for roving eyes during an important time out called by my coach, accused of not paying attention.  I wouldn't say it was always worth it, but at worst it was a fair trade off.

It wasn't until I was a senior in high school that I got my hands on a pair of those special panties.  It was the first time I ever stole anything.  They belonged to a neighbor of mine and I was friends with her brother.  One day, we were in the basement of their home looking some misplaced ski poles we would need for the next day's ski trip.  I spotted the pair of panties in a laundry basket that contained some clean and folded laundry.  I slipped them into the pocket of my jeans at the first possible opportunity.

Even though I suffered guilt feelings about what I had done for a long time, I cherished those panties so much.  The fact that the panties were Claire's was a turn of for me.  Clair was a sophomore and had I not had a regular girlfriend at the time, I certainly would have asked her out.  She was very, very pretty.  Of course, I was also turned on by wearing the panties, fantasizing would it would be like to be one of the cheerleaders.

The March Madness games always provide plenty of excitement for millions of fans.  The cheerleaders (and their uniforms) are fun to look at too!