Feeling Femme and Pretty

Diane's been working quite a few hours each day this week and it's made my days longer while waiting for her to get home.  I've spent a little more time at the gym each day and caught up with all the housework.  Our house is neat as a pin and I take plenty of pride in it.  Rarely do I disappoint Diane in that category. 

I have to tell you a funny little story about something that happened at the gym today.  Diane and I both belong to one of these 24-hour gyms that are accessible around the clock to members only with a keyfob.  It's only staffed certain hours of the day with trainers or managers so that prospective members can come in for information and to get a quick tour of the place.

As I was working out this morning, one of the trainer managers was giving some guy a tour and explaining each piece of equipment, how to use it and what it's intended to do.  He came to one piece that is supposed to work on your hamstrings and firm up your gluteous maximums (your buttocks). 

He kind of went over it real quickly saying to the gentleman "This machine helps firm up your butt.  It's used mostly by women, but once and awhile you see a man on it." He then moved over to the next machine.  That one little moment made me feel more feminine.  I use the machine ever day!

On another note, today's little dilemma for me is a nice one.  Diane called and said she'd had enough with work this week and was leaving work by 4:30 PM come hell or high water.  She also told me to be wearing something sexy to greet her when she arrived. 

I just have to decide if I want to get totally spiffed up in a sexy looking dress, jewelry, etc. or cut right to the chase and greet her in sexy nightgown or lingerie only.  Since short nighties like babydolls are my favorite, I think I'm going to opt for the latter and hope for the best!