Rainy Sunday = Shopping

It's a rainy Sunday here so Diane is in one of her shopping moods.  No March Madness for me until later this afternoon.  I've learned to be agreeable and the afternoon should be worthwhile.  She's promised that we'll do a little shopping for me as well.  There was a little wink of the eye when she said it.

Diane used to tease me about how nice it was to be married to a crossdresser because she had access to more clothes.  Even though she's several inches shorter than I am, there are some things which we can definitely share because I'm pretty slim and work hard to stay in good shape, weighing myself every day to make sure I'm not slipping up.  

One item that we definitely can't share and I wish we could is shoes.  I swear Diane has more shoes than any woman I know.  Even her friends tease her about the number of pairs of shoes she has.  My size 9 1/2 feet certainly don't fit in anything she owns.  Shoes are definitely the most difficult thing for a TV to shop for.  If anyone has any tips, ideas or suggestions do let me know.

My "period" is almost over and maybe we can buy something for me to wear the next time she makes love to me.  Some "fuck me" heels would be nice!