The Verbal Aspect of Sex

Some of the most fulfilling sex I've ever enjoyed has been when my wife Diane has been very verbal.  A quiet sexual encounter can never be as exciting.  Her words, often teases and taunts, along with her moans arouse me to no end.  They are often the catalyst for what puts me over the top.  Combined with her touch, movements and other actions, it's always such a wonderful experience for me.

I've experienced much the same with the very few men I have been with.  In the role as their feminized submissive, the best are quick to verbalize their dominant fantasies, calling me names and bellowing orders with an aggressive and demanding tone.  As I suck, lick or do whatever else I am told, their commands are like music to my ears and always bring me to the brink of orgasm, often without any physical stimulation whatsoever.

I remember the last time I was with Ken before he moved away.  I was dressed in a little girls outfit complete with a petticoat, ruffled panties, lacy anklet socks and a pair of mary jane shoes.  He had me lower my panties before getting down on my knees so that he could fondle my "clit" as he called it.  He forbade me from touching myself while I sucked him, cuffing my hands together behind my back.

I obeyed every order he have me, kissing the tip of his cock, licking the shaft, lapping at his big balls and presenting my face so that he cold slap me with his cock whenever he felt like it.  The orders, humiliating questions he was asking me as I did what I was told and the name calling were bringing me to the brink of orgasm.  He knew it and teased me about it:

"You're such a sissy faggot" he said.  "I can make you cum anytime I want.  Cum for me right now."

The teasing is all it took.  His words made me start spewing my cum on the floor as I knelt in front of him.  The orgasm lasted longer than usual.  The lack of physical touching on my penis seemed to lengthen the experience.  It was indeed beautiful.

I continued to suck him and he finally exploded all over my face and in my mouth.  He fed the cum that was on my face with his fingers and made me lick my own juices that had spilled to the floor.  Now you can probably understand why I miss him so much.

These and other experiences make me wonder if Dominants and submissives enjoy the verbal aspects of sex more than people who might be more vanilla inclined.  Diane enjoys being dominant over me and is usually pretty verbal when we make love.  There was never a scene with Ken where he didn't seem to enjoy verbally humiliating me.  It Dominants get as much satisfaction out of the verbal part of sex as I do, then I know they're having a very, very satisfying time!

I also can't help but wonder how verbal my wife Diane is with Brian, as vanilla as that relationship might be.