Cheating Wives - Fulfilling Needs

Two of my favorite cuckolding blogs had two of their all time greatest posts these past couple of days.   I can't definitively say they are their all time bests because I haven't had a chance to read every single one of their postings, but I promise I will.  So, when two of my best blogs have two of their best ever postings (in my opinion) you can just imagine how much excitement there's been in my panties the past couple of days!

Yesterday over at Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse, her cuckold husband scott wrote the following in a post called "Prisoners of Fantasy":

"The wives of submissive cuckolds, in fulfilling their foolish husbands’ deepest desires, become the women that their husbands need them to be. There may be women who have a natural inclination to cheat, who don’t need prodding to venture out but, even in those cases, open cuckolding is a somewhat different beast and, once the couple get a taste for it, there usually isn’t any going back."
You obviously have to read the entire post to get the context, but the statement is imbedded in my mind since I read it.   I keep thinking about it, especially since I used the term "open cuckolding" for yesterday's title to my posting.  I'm wondering what lies ahead for us, once we experience it?  Will there be any going back?

The other posting which excited me to no end was Suzanne's midweek "escape" from family visitors to have some very hot sex with her lover and cuckold husband at the blog All Mine.  The blog seems to have evolved into more of a poly type situation that straightforward cuckolding, but the scene she describes had me all hot and bothered.  All I can think of is being in her husband's position, giving myself up to both her and her lover.  I can't imagine our relationship ever going far enough that something like that would happen.  That doesn't mean I can't dream about it!