Plenty of Pettis

There's nothing new on the cuckolding front.  I asked Diane about it last night and she told me that she's continuing to talk to Brian nearly every day, but the logistics of getting together for an afternoon or evening is difficult right now.  Once again, she told me not to worry my pretty little head about it.  "It'll happen when it happens" she said, leaving little doubt that it would indeed take place.

I recently added a link in my "Of Interest to Sissies" section to Petticoat Pond, a wonderful website devoted to Petticoats and Crinolines and their enthusiasts.  The site is amazing in that it provides almost daily updates with pictures and links to other pages that feature beautiful petticoats and other related items.

The petti as it's referred to has always been a symbol of femininity.  Today, it's kind of fallen out of fashion with the exception of some dance wear and probably fun or kinky type clothing.  As a lover of pettis and the 1950's housewife lifestyle, I sometimes wish it would make a comeback, although if it did, seeing all these women walking around in beautiful pettis would keep me in a constant state of arousal!

I only own a couple of petticoats and wish I would own a few more.  Of course, that would entail purchasing some vintage dresses to go along with them.  Just thinking of it makes me swoon....dreaming of walking around the house in a pretty dress, petticoat and pearls.  I bet when Diane got home she couldn't wait to lift that petti and have her way with me!

 A girl can dream right?