A Cuckold Shopping Trip

When we returned from shopping late yesterday afternoon I went about preparing dinner for Diane and I, thinking about what had transpired just hours before.  The shopping trip was different than any other I had ever been on with my wife.  To get straight to the point, Diane made me pick out something for her to wear the next time she sees Brian.  It was more than a request and took me totally by surprise.

Diane is a very clever woman who is a master planner when it comes to getting things done, coordinating projects and controlling situations.  The first few stores we stopped in yesterday and the errands we did set the tone for a relaxing afternoon where we were having fun and the conversation was flowing rather freely.  She seemed very content and I was happy.

She said she wanted to buy me something different.  I've gone out dressed as a woman several times with Diane but only when we've been away on a vacation or traveling away from home.  We haven't done it in nearly a year and Diane thought we should plan a few days away in late spring and go somewhere where I could go out dressed.  She wanted to buy me something for the trip.  The whole idea got me really excited and in an even better mood.  Together we chose a lovely white silk long sleeved blouse and a pair of tight fitting black slacks.  She even promised to buy me a new pair of heels to match.  The thought of planning the upcoming trip, the new clothes and how I would be trying them on when I got home had me on cloud nine.

Then came the surprise.

"I want you to do something for me" she said.

"You know I'll do anything for you" I said, still so happy as I carried the bag with my new clothing.

"I want to wear something new and special the next time I'm with Brian.  He gave me a general idea of what he'd like to see me in, and after I share that with you, I want you to pick out something pretty for me to wear."

As we walked through the mall I felt my heart beat somewhat irregularly for a moment or two.  It was one of Diane's perfectly choreographed moments of ultimate control.  She had set this up just right and here I was, in the middle of the mall just a short distance from the Victoria's Secret store, not the best location to discuss the matter.

"He liked the black lingerie I was wearing the other day but he confessed that he loves the very feminine type lingerie.  Almost like a little girl look.  Maybe something pink, short, ruffly and lacy.  You know what I mean."

I knew exactly what she meant.  It was a style of lingerie and nightgowns I myself loved so much.

"Will you do that for me sweetie?" she asked so coyly.

"I will" I said before my mind could process the significance of what was about to take place.

Nothing was said until we reached the store where she told me to go find something while she browsed.  She wanted to pick up some lotions there as well.  "If you find something, bring it to me and I'll let you know what I think."

I tried to look inconspicuous as I looked for something that I thought might fit the description she gave me.  I felt as if all eyes were on me.  I was approached twice by sales clerks asking if they could help.  I wanted Diane to eventually come to see me and ask me how I was doing, but I also knew that wasn't going to happen.  She was going to wait until I selected something and brought it over to her for approval.  I also wondered how many times she'd make me run through the exercise.  I decided it was best to just get on with it.

Much to my surprise, the first thing I chose met with her approval.  "I think Brian's going to love that!" she exclaimed a little louder than I would have liked.  I know I liked it.  It was a pink babydoll that had an open front with a pretty satin bow and padded push ups that made it very young looking.  It would more than accentuate Diane's nice breasts.   The shoulder straps were adjustable and it came with a matching bikini.  "I think it's beautiful" she said again, obviously pleased with my choice.

The search for her special outfit completed, I paid for the purchase while she continued to browse.  When I was done, she told me to wait outside the store for her while she picked up the lotions she was looking for and a couple of bras she had selected that were on sale.  Our shopping and errands complete, we made our way to the car with our bags.

On the way home Diane thanked me for what I had done.  She took my hand and put in between her thighs.  They felt so warm.  As soon as we got home, we went upstairs where I got between her legs and licked her to a very quick orgasm.  I was surprised at how wet she was when I started.  I guess the shopping trip had aroused her quite a bit.