I've owned several corsets.  They're an interesting piece of clothing; filled with sensuality and eroticism.  For a time, Diane even enjoyed wearing one to accentuate her already beautiful figure.  She doesn't do so any more, but enjoys lacing me sometimes.

When I first started wearing a corset, she would lace me up for a few hours each day until I became accustomed to it.  I also lost a few pounds and the corseting got my waist to an unbelievably small number!  I have a 31 inch waist and at times, Diane has reduced it to 22 inches with some very, very tight lacing.  That may seem extreme, but for those who have worn corsets before, you know that it isn't impossible. 

Diane decided to lace me today.  I'm wearing a rather plain underbust corset and my waist is "only" reduced to about 24 or 25 inches.  Better than the 22" so I can do housework more easily.  On average I wear a corset 20 to 30 hours per week.  Looks like today is going to be an all day thing!

The restrictive feeling of the corset provides me with a simultaneous feeling of submissiveness and femininity.  It's a special feeling for someone like me.