Open Cuckolding

Last night Diane used the term "open cuckolding" when referring to the difference between her first affair (which she had without my knowledge), and her upcoming tryst with Brian which I will be fully aware of.  She referred to the latter as "open cuckolding" because of her openness to me about almost everything that has been or will be going on.  She agreed that the term isn't necessarily the best description, but it just slipped out. 

She talked about how this time, things would be so much easier on her.  There wouldn't be the stress that comes with having to lie about who she's with, what she was doing or where she was going.  These and many other things make affairs so difficult to hide and usually are responsible for them ending up in disaster. 

She also brought up something that we had never talked about before.  It was something I sometimes wondered about but never brought up, probably out of fear of finding out the truth.  Who else knew?   I found out last night that the last time she had an affair, both her best friend Linda and sister Darlene knew about it.  I knew she was pretty close to both, but even so, last night's news was still difficult to hear.  She admitted that as wrong as it was, she used them as "excuses" to explain where she was or what she was doing at specific times or days while she was with "James."  She wasn't proud of it, and even said she was sorry for doing something like that.

Her point was that things are and will be so much different this time.  At least in her case, there won't be any need to lie to me about what she's doing with Brian.  I'll know everything she said "and even enjoy it like a good sissy cuckold." 

I couldn't help but ask if she was going to share any of this with her friend Linda or sister Darlene because she is still very, very close to both.   Her answer:  "Not unless you want me to!"

She laughed after she said it, and knew the effect it had on me.  I was already getting a little tingle in my panties.