Another Cuckold Errand

Yesterday's errands led to a rather interesting discussion with Diane last night.  She didn't call me back until she was in her car and on her way home from the office, even though I had left her a message to call me earlier in the morning.  Her delay just seemed to be another way to tease me.  Of course lately, I'm viewing just about everything she does in that way.

"I didn't get a chance to call earlier, it's been a hell of a day.  What's up?" she asked.

What's up????  It wasn't that I expected a flowery greeting or anything, but I would have thought that she had a general idea about why I was calling.  It was as if her shopping list that included condoms for her to use with Brian was no big deal.  Again, her brief greeting seemed like it was intended to make me broach the subject first.  It worked.

"Not much, I did get a lot done today" I told her.  "I called earlier to ask you about the list of things you left me.  I was just a little surprised."

She laughed a little and said "Oh that,  I hope you didn't expect me to have unprotected sex did  you?"

"Of course not" I answered, and before I could continue, she told me she had another call coming in and would either call me back or see me when she got home.  She didn't call back and was still on her phone when she walked into the house from the garage but quickly said good bye to whoever she was talking to. 

"So, let's talk about your little shopping trip today" she said as she made her way to kiss me.  She told me to pour each of us a glass of wine and and we sat down in the living room to talk.   "I want to see the condoms you bought" she said, so I went to our room to get the package I had bought earlier.   The ones I bought were Trojans and were called "Her Pleasure Ecstasy."  She looked the package over, put them down, smiled and gave me a big hug.

"You're always so thoughtful and willing to please me.  Even in the brand you selected!" she said, "Just like a wife who wants to please her man, getting him something she thinks he'll like.  Putting him first.  You always put my pleasure first, and I love that."  She was right, and I love doing things for her.  She does know how to make me feel appreciated.  But the discussion took an interesting turn from there.

"I'm not sure these condoms are exactly what I want though.  Brian might appreciate something more manly.  Just like you want to please me, I want to do little things that will please him.  In other words, put yourself in my place.  You'd probably choose another style wouldn't you?" she asked me.  I wasn't totally convinced, but agreed just the same.

Obviously, I've paraphrased our discussion and quoted it as best as I could remember.  The gist of the conversation, which essentially began with the condoms I had purchased, was about me changing my frame of mind when thinking about her and Brian.  In essence, when doing things to please her, I should be focused on how Brian wants to be pleased. 

When Diane and Brian finally hook up, and all indications are that it is going to be very soon, he'll be doing it under the assumption that I don't know anything about it.  Little will he know that because of Diane's cleverness, I'm going to be totally cuckolded and trying to please him through her. 

After dinner, Diane spent some time on her laptop while I cleaned up.  She was on the computer for awhile, checking her facebook, personal emails and a few other things.   No doubt she did some research on Trojan condoms.  I'm on my way to the pharmacy this afternoon to buy some Trojan Magnums.