I think there's a little exhibitionist in every crossdresser.  Wanting to be seen as pretty, feminine, etc., or just plain wanting to be seen!  Part of it might be the submissive aspect that often goes along with the crossdressing and the humiliation that turns many of us on.

Maybe that's why I, and many other cd's just love babydoll pajamas, especially those from the 1950's and 1960's.  Babydolls, with their short hems, lace, ruffles and pastel colors always seem to bring out the most feminine of looks and feelings.

Babydoll pajamas need not be elaborately feminine to be sexy either.  Sure, the lace and ruffles are nice, but something as simple as the photo shown here can even be sexier in my opinion.  Getting ready for bed (and hopefully some fun) would entail more than just slipping into my favorite babydoll.  I'd want to make sure I looked just right for my lover; combing my hair and maybe even adding some pretty earrings like the lovely lady shown here.  I'd want to look irresistible!

This photo was taken from Etsy, a site I wrote about a few days ago where you can find plenty of vintage lingerie!