Sissy Shopping Made Ea(t)sy

If you're a male into crossdressing or just enjoy the feel of women's lingerie and other ultra feminine articles of clothing, you have to admit that we're living in a pretty good time when it comes to the availability of these items through pretty discreet channels. 

Shopping on the internet makes it possible for someone to avoid the potential embarrassment (although sometimes that's part of the "fun") that comes with real life shopping trips.  Instead, an internet connection, credit card and a few clicks of the mouse and you've got a pretty pair of ruffled panties on their way to you and on your doorstep in a matter of days.

One of my favorite sites to browse and look for unique feminine items is Etsy.  You've probably heard about it but if you haven't checked it out just go to Etsy.com and type in your favorite sissy search term and wait for the tantalizing results.  Here's an example of what the search for "ruffled panties" turned up.  I'm sure there's something that would be a nice addition to every sissy's wardrobe.

And oh yes, there are plenty of lovely aprons as well!