A Cuckold's Big Day

Today's the day.  Diane told me last night that Brian will be in town today and tomorrow.  She's going to be meeting him in his hotel room this afternoon after work.  I asked her if this just came up yesterday or if she'd know for awhile.  She knew since the middle of last week but didn't want to tell me until last night.  She thought I'd worry too much about it unnecessarily.  She's right, I would have.

I've spoken with Diane four times today.  She's called me to reassure me that she still loves me and I've called her to do the same.  That's helped.  It's an emotional day for me.  Yesterday began "my time of the month"  so today, I'm not only wearing a maxi pad but the tampon Diane inserted this morning.  I'm to replace it as needed throughout the day.  I've spent the day doing housework (there was plenty of ironing to do today) and running other errands.  Now it's just a matter of waiting for her to come home later tonight.

This morning Diane took longer than usual to get ready.  She looked sexier than I've ever remembered.  Of course she's probably looked just as good or even better before but with the circumstances of this day make her sexiness more pronounced.  I'm sure she'll raise eyebrows at work. She's wearing a black lace bra, matching panties, garter and thigh highs.  The black bra is very noticeable under her white blouse, but is covered quite nicely by the black jacket she's wearing.  Her black skirt is just tight enough to accentuate her shapely ass and thighs.  A tad more makeup than usual, a hint of perfume and a pearl necklace and earrings made her look irresistible.

When she was getting ready to leave, she had me retrieve the Magnum condoms I bought for her to use a couple of weeks ago and put them in her purse.   After I put them in the purse, I wondered how many she would use tonight.  I was daydreaming when Diane came over and gave me a big hug and kiss.  She promised to call me today and also tonight when she was on her way home.

Brian is going to be one lucky guy.   All that's left for me now is to wait.