"I Think You'll Like It"

Last night while I was putting the dinner dishes away Diane got a call from Brian on her cell phone.  They had corresponded earlier in the day and she told him she would be free tonight to talk if he wanted to call.  When her phone rang and she saw it was him, she gave me the signal to be quiet so that he would believe that she was alone at home for awhile.  She's working hard at continuing the ruse that I am totally oblivious to what is going on between them.

She made her way to the other room so that I could continue my household chores while they talked, but I could still make out much of what she was saying.  Naturally, I tried to listen pretty closely as well. 

Tomorrow is the day that Brian comes over to be with Diane.  It will be mid to late afternoon.  Diane's told me to make plans to be away from the house for at least 5 or 6 hours.  She will call me when it's all clear for me to come home. 

One part of their conversation last night stirred more emotions in me.  Even though I could only hear Diane's part of the conversation I knew they had moved on to something more intimate and playful and were discussing Wednesday afternoon.  Diane told Brian there was absolutely nothing to worry about and that I would be out of town and wouldn't be returning until very late in the evening. 

Then I heard her say "I think you'll like it" and following a pause "It's pink and very girly looking.  I'm wearing it just for you."

She was referring to the short nightie she had me pick out on our last shopping trip together.  I wonder what Brian would think if he knew I picked it out and bought it for her?