Sissy terri's Day Off - Holidays and Infidelity

I forbade terri from posting today and told her it was MY turn!  I wanted to share something interesting/bizarre with you on the subject of cuckolding....

The email came from "Member Relations."  Had the sender been "Ashley Madison" like the hundreds (maybe a thousand by now) of others I've received from them, I probably would have ignored it.  That's mostly what I've done since I started seeing Paul.

Every few weeks I do take a peek at the notes from guys who have contacted me and some do provide a few chuckles.  I remain amazed at the number of guys who are looking to hook up with a married women who have no clue what cuckolding is.  I mean really?

But an email from Member Relations?  Had my account be hacked?   Did they find Mr. Right for me?  My curiosity got the best of me.

Read it for yourself...

Hi Diane,

The New York Post is interested in speaking with a female AshleyMadison.com member for a feature article they are writing on how major holidays, like Mother's Day, can often play a role in infidelity.

The Post is interested in speaking with a female member who decided to join AshleyMadison.com immediately following a past Mother's Day, and who would be willing to share her story about how Mother's Day prompted her decision, and her experience using the website.

The Post has guaranteed anonymity for the member, and the interview will take place by phone at a time of your convenience.

If interested, please let us know the following:

a) The name you'd like to be referred to by
b) Your availabilities to do a 30 minute phone interview before or on April 24, 2015
c) A little about your story, including how/why Mother's Day played a part in your decision to join AshleyMadison.com

Thank you,

Member Relations

You're kidding me right?  How Mother's Day prompted my decision to take on another lover and cuckold my submissive?  Is that a stretch or is it just me? 

I don't read The New York Post, but I might make an exception just this once.

Would be interested in comments from Doms, subs, cuckolds, bulls....anyone really!