Shopping - It's a Girl Thing

It's a beautiful sunny day here today and after a mid morning trip to the gym and a shower, Diane and i are headed out to do something we haven't done together in quite a while - do some shopping! 

Our first stop is going to be a local farmer's market and art show that sets up every Saturday in a plaza of quaint little shops of all types.  It's called a farmer's market but the variety of goods is pretty eclectic, though i've yet to see any booths offering lingerie!  There's plenty of jewelry and other fem type offerings to keep the both of us interested however.

There's also a "shop local" promotion going on in another section of the city that Diane wants to visit.  That particular location does have a nice lingerie shop and right next door is a boutique that has a variety of retro type clothing.  That should be fun.

We'll probably wrap things up with a light late lunch and head home for what could be a phone hook up between Diane and Paul.  That possibility has me very excited.  Having actively participated (or maybe i should say passively) in that activity between the two of them before, i can attest that it's quite arousing from my perspective.

We may make one last stop on the way home after lunch.  Diane told me to bring along the Victoria's Secret Gift card She and Paul gave me for Christmas.  That's got me quite excited as well!


sissy terri