Sissy Easter Bunnies

The girls are here for Easter weekend, one of them with the fiance and the other seemingly constantly texting her new beau.  "Work related issues?" i asked her last night, shortly after she'd finished telling us about her exciting new job.  "Nope."  It was a very none-of-your-business type of nope.

While i never stop being Diane's submissive sissy wife (that never changes), our outward demonstration of the lifestyle is altered a bit when the kids are here.  And they're usually around at Easter, leaving me unable to prance around in cute little Easter dresses or dressed like a sissy Easter bunny!

Here's a picture of a simple bunny outfit i find so cute.  Those floppy ears and the pretty pink polka-dotted bow are all you need to make you feel so sissy and feminine!

Then there's this one.  Not only does it have the ears and a sissy collar, it has that cute little bunny tail on the pink panty, a matching bra and those pretty heels.  Fits her well doesn't it?

And of course, a cute little sissy Easter bunny should be made to hop around right?

The sissy Easter parade will continue tomorrow!


sissy terri