A Little Chastity Among Friends

With two days to go before our big family event, the house is bustling with activity.  The two daughters, their friends along with out-of-town guests arriving makes for a very busy time.   There's barely time for sex of any kind, never mind cuckolding.

i did get to give Diane a pedicure last night (a task that never fails to, at a minimum, at least partially satisfy this submissive's desire for servitude) and when the polish was "dry enough" move my attentions to more intimate regions of Her anatomy.  i was very grateful.  While Diane does enjoy my pedicures, this one was no doubt requested for my benefit, since She's having a professional one done Friday afternoon.

So today provided me with another opportunity to dip into the sissy cuckold mailbag and find one of the many unanswered questions you've asked in some of your comments.

Last Saturday i opened up my blog post with: "We're about to embark on an incredibly busy week that's to be followed by a week's vacation with some close friends."  This prompted Mick Collins, follower, regular reader and fellow cuckold to ask the following:

Sounds like a busy couple of weeks. Will you be caged up during that planned vacation with friends? Will they know your sad fate?
i later typed a hasty (complete with typos) reply to Mick from my iPhone that my chastity status for the vacation had yet to be determined and that if i was, our friends wouldn't be told.

Diane read the post and the comments and surprisingly brought up the subject last night.  She's decided that i'm to remain in chastity "as much as possible throughout the vacation."  The discussion was very brief.  i'll be able to get out of chastity only in "obviously risky situations, and only with permission."

At the risk of sounding argumentative, i did ask Her if She could define "obviously risky" a bit better or give me an example of what She meant.  Clearly not in the mood to enter into a debate with me, She simply said "A situation with a high risk of your chastity being discovered."  There was a pause just long enough to see if i had anything else to say.  i was mulling it over and before i had a chance to say anything else She put an end to the discussion with "And since it's a bit confusing to you don't worry about it.  I'll decide when it comes off."

As you can see, one of the benefits of a Female Led Marriage is efficient time management.   Very little time is wasted on decision making.  My chastity status has been decided.  Like the key, it will be in Diane's hands, where it belongs.

Submission to another requires some level of trust, otherwise it's not going to work.  i have complete trust in Diane.  Though Her dominance and/or my submission has been publicly displayed at times, it's been done in such a way that hasn't 1) offended anybody who might be around and 2) revealed anything that would be damaging to our personal or professional lives.  She's never done anything that would cause me to reduce the level of trust i have in Her judgement.

Our most recent experience with this was on our last ski vacation when, on New Year's Eve, Diane decided to wear the key to my chastity device around Her neck.  It was Her way of putting my chastity on display for all to see without offending anyone. 

We're very close to the friends we'll be vacationing with.  You could say we're best friends.  They're not aware of our lifestyle but by the same token are very familiar with Diane's personality and Her assertiveness at times.  i'm quite sure they don't read anything more than that into it.  On the other hand, Diane's friend Linda is very much aware of our lifestyle but not sexually involved in it.  Diane has a comfort level and trust with Linda that allows this.

i'm sure many submissives fantasize about being made to show devotion to their Dominants or perform some humiliating task in a public setting.   But it's also one of those things that's best fantasized about and not acted upon.  Much of what is fantasized would likely offend innocent bystanders.

i'm quite certain Diane has Her own dominant fantasies that She'd likely enjoy.  She certainly pushes the envelope and that's one of the things that makes Her so sexy.  She just never pushes it so that the contents spill out. 

The shopping trips i have to make to Victoria's Secret with specific instructions from Diane and/or Paul are humiliating enough. 


sissy terri



You my friend are enjoying a perfect sissy lifestyle!