Cuckold Exctitment = Cuckold Frustration

Yesterday's much anticipated tryst between Diane and Paul didn't go exactly as planned.  And though i was in the master bedroom with them for the entire time they were together sexually, it was still a very sexually frustrating experience for me.

Diane called and told me the two of them would be late, so the waiting game began.  They didn't arrive until just a few minutes before 5 PM.  Their arrival was preceded by the usual phone call letting me know to get into my babydoll and matching thong panty and be waiting in the bedroom.  Paul was running late and wasn't in the mood to be wasting time.  At least that's how I interpreted Diane's instructions.

Talk about feeling silly.  There i was in the babydoll i posted yesterday, standing in the bedroom when they arrived.  Paul was polite and gracious as he usually is but dominant at the same time.  After saying hello and taking off his sport jacket, he lifted the front of my babydoll and pulled the thong out a bit so that he could look at my caged penis.  "Just checking" he said.

Diane was getting undressed in the walk-in closet while Paul was doing so in the bedroom, throwing his clothes on one of the chairs. 

"Why don't you lay down on the rug like you did the first time I was here with you" he said, making reference to my first cuckold date with the two of them.  i lay on the rug in front of our bed, face up as Paul finished folding his clothes.  Diane arrived and straddled over me, looked down at me with a smile, said nothing, and lowered herself onto my mouth.  Paul walked up to Her and She began sucking his cock as i did what i was there to do - get Her ready for Paul.

It was hurried,  but not so much that Diane wasn't able to get fully aroused and on the brink of orgasm before Paul told Her not to "cum just yet."  Surprisingly Diane was able to comply with his request, but only by pulling Herself away from my mouth.  Just a few moments later, She was back smothering me again, but not for long.

"I think you're ready" Paul said.  "On the bed."

Diane got up and as She made Her way to the bed got a hard slap from Paul on the ass (i couldn't see it but the sound of the slap was unmistakable, as was Her yelp) and threw herself down on Her back.  Though i still lay there on my back on the rug my face full of Diane's juices, and couldn't see exactly what was happening, there was no mistaking from the sounds (mostly Diane's moans, groans and cries of passion) that Paul had jumped on top of Her and was madly filling Her with his cock.

So there i lay wondering if i should get up and watch, leave, or just stay there.  i decided to stay there but much later when going over the events in my mind, realized that no matter what i did probably wouldn't have mattered.  The two of them were totally into each other and nothing else.  i turned my head and could see very little of them; the bed is kind of high and they were sprawled sideways towards the front.

Diane came multiple times and from that came from Paul, his orgasm was a strong, powerful and manly one.  They collapsed in what seemed to be total satisfaction.

"That was good" Paul said almost in exhaustion. 

"No it wasn't.  It was great" Diane exclaimed. 

Then they were done.  Paul had to get going.

They got off the bed and hugged as I still lay in front of the bed.  Yes, i was still feeling sissy.  i think they had actually forgotten i was even there. 

Paul started to move towards the chair to get his clothes when Diane said "Ah, excuse me, aren't we forgetting something?"

"Oops.  Sorry.  You're right.  sissy, you have some work to do before I leave, but you have to make it quick" Paul said.

He stood over me again, this time with Diane holding his cock out so there was no mistaken what needed to be done.  i got on my knees and cleaned his cock.

"Aren't you glad i reminded you?" Diane asked him.

"mmmm....yes.  I wish I could stay longer.  Next time for sure" he answered.

He delayed getting dressed long enough for me to feel i had gotten most of Diane's juices off his cock.  There were plenty to be sure.

When fully dressed, he said good bye to me and walked out of the bedroom with Diane.  She accompanied him to the front door totally naked.

A few moments later, She was back and it was Her turn to get my oral attention.  It resulted in another orgasm and some meaningful time together afterwards.

Other than our time relaxing in bed after Her last orgasm, i'm not sure the whole episode with Paul lasted a half hour.  It was kind of a "slam bam thank you ma'am" type of thing, with some consideration given to the cuckold. 

Physically i was a frustrated cuckold having been in chastity and unable to view their entire fun while Paul was there.  Yet i was 100% of the time.  More important than anything i felt it was emotionally fulfilling for me.

Diane was happy also.  That's what counts.


sissy terri