Punishing the Submissive Sissy

Earlier this week (the exact day escapes me right now) i forgot to send Diane and Paul the daily chasity report.  i was up early as usual, started the coffee, turned my laptop on and completed the report.  i just got sidetracked and never sent it to them. It's the first time since that's happened since this rule was instituted.

Neither Paul and Diane respond to the report every day.  More often then not they don't.  It's strange and counter intuitive to most people how ignoring someone like that is actually tending to their needs in a D/s type of relationship.  The submissive is expected to provide or complete a certain service or task which may or may not be acknowledged.  That's just the way it is.

It was later at night that Diane reminded me that i hadn't submitted the daily report.  i told Her i thought i had and immediately fired up the laptop to check my email's sent folder.  Sure enough, i hadn't.  The report went out immediately.  Diane didn't seem upset but just stated that my forgetfulness was deserving of some sort of punishment.

The punishment took place yesterday afternoon.  i received ten very hard swats from Diane's riding crop across my bare bottom while Paul listened in over the phone.  He may or may not have heard every single blow, but he surely heard my cries.  They were that hard.  i don't recall Diane cropping me that hard before.

As further punishment i was made to kneel in the furthest corner from the bed in our master bedroom while Diane talked and had phone sex with Paul.  i knelt there with Diane's panties over my head.  All day i had been thinking about worshiping Diane while Paul aroused Her over the phone.  The last time we did that was so wonderful.  It was not to be.  Instead all i could do was listen to the fun She was having; her moans, giggles, sexy talk and orgasmic cries leaving no doubt that She was enjoying herself.

Another, but much smaller disappointment took place when we never made it to Victoria's Secret yesterday.  Stopping at the mall would have made Diane late for Her "phone date" with Paul.  It was mostly poor planning on our part and not intentional.  It was a beautiful day and we took some extra time sitting in the shade listening to a small jazz group while we sipped on an iced cafe mocha from some local bean roaster.

Though it was a smaller disappointment than being denied participation in Diane's pleasure yesterday, it was nonetheless a powerfully symbolic event when it comes to my submissive status.  Diane wanted to be home in time for the phone date with Paul and at the time, i was looking forward to it also.  Yet Diane knew all the time that i wouldn't participate.  i'd be kneeling in the corner with Her panties over my head. 

The cancellation of the trip to Victoria's Secret was just the beginning of my punishment yesterday.  It was the first part of a trilogy that included a thrashing and some denial.

Was being on time for Paul more important to Diane than feeding my sissy submissive need for a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret?  Some would view it that way and insist that was Her sole intent.

Yet relationships like ours are complex.  Her actions yesterday, as selfish as they seemed to be, satisfied both Her needs and mine.


sissy terri