The Cuckold Calendar

During the best of times, Diane's calendar is pretty full and so is Paul's.  It's the nature of their jobs and their profession.  i used to be just as busy but now that i'm semi-retired and a sissy wife, my calendar isn't quite as full as theirs.  Diane's schedule being what it is and the responsibilities i have for taking care of everything on the domestic front, reinforces my role as Her "wife."

Of course by maintaining Her sexual relationship with Paul, She reinforces my role as Her submissive cuckold.  Both things go hand in hand and so far seem to have worked pretty well for us.

Keeping an affair of this type going and making sure it doesn't lose it's excitement can be a challenge. Diane's lucky in the sense that She and Paul have been able to play here at our home on a pretty regular basis, carving out some time on late Wednesday afternoons.  Our home provides a nice, safe and clean place that just so happens to have a sissy cuckold husband at their disposal if that's what they want.

There are times however where making the Wednesday afternoon work can be a challenge for either or both of them, often requiring constant communication between the two which takes up way too much time for two such busy people.  The problem has surfaced more so this week than usual because of some commitments Diane and i have over the next two to three weeks.  But of course, Diane always comes up with a solution to problems or at worse, a work-around.

Diane's given me total access to Her online calendar.  She can be quite the techie and uses Her iPhone all the time to manage Her calendar and other things.  Since She feels She has nothing to hide from me, why not use my skills to help manage Her calendar.  Now, when trying to find a time to see Diane and schedule a "date" with Her, Paul won't have to call Her office or even reach Her on Her cell phone.  He can simply call the cuckold.

Now it appears to me that the easiest way for this to work is for Paul and Diane to communicate directly with each other.  i've already lost that argument.  Diane's already made the decision.  i'm going to manage "the cuckold calendar" among other things.   That's the name Diane's given it.

When their regular Wednesday afternoon rendezvous doesn't work, it will be my job to find a time where Paul can make love to my wife.  If you look at it that way, "cuckold calendar" isn't a bad name for what i'll be managing.

First the Chastity Report and now the Cuckold Calendar.

The first can be quite frustrating.  The second?  Let's just say it adds a tiny tinge of humiliation to the whole thing.


sissy terri