The Sissy Cuckold Mailbag - My Period

i mentioned several posts ago that i'd been remiss in responding to questions that are posed in the comments left here.  i've also been remiss in following one of Diane's "older" requirements that i respond to every single comment, whether or not it contained a question. That topic came up last night once again as a result of a question that was posed yesterday, and let to an entirely different discussion before bedtime.

In a comment to yesterday's post, No Cuckolding & No Punishment for Diane - Yet, Anonymous asked:
terri, speaking of schedules, I was wondering if you still are required by Diane to have your monthly 'period', where you have to use tampons and or pads? Is that included on your calender also, for Paul to see?
The short answer to the question is "yes" and i suppose i could leave it at that.  However that would only lead to more questions.  It would be the easy way out.  So let me give you a more complete answer and the reasons for not having brought it up before.

If you recall back in mid-January during my first real private meeting with Paul and Diane (Pondering Paul's Rules) i discovered that Diane had told Paul about the blog.  Her secret revelation to him resulted in a very emotional response.  i was filled with anger, shame and humiliation.  It was a carefully calculated step by Diane which in the end, led to where we are today.  It helped Paul gain an understanding about who we are and what made our relationship work.

There were many things that i was ashamed and embarrassed about in the blog with that revelation, none more so than my requirement to "have a  period" once a month.  That was a major issue and understandably caused a tremendous amount of friction and angst between Diane and i.  We obviously resolved our issue but to some extent, the embarrassment remained and i never brought it up on the blog until now. 

All my comments are moderated, requiring approval before posting.  i only did that because of some absolutely nasty and vulgar comments that were left months and months ago which i had to delete.  Once i started comment moderation, the anonymous commenter went away and hasn't attempted any return.  So yesterday, i could have easily ignored the question that was posed and not posted it, but i just didn't feel right about doing that.  It was a legitimate question that dealt with something i'd written about before, was still a part of our lifestyle but something i hadn't appropriately addressed. 

So yes, i am still required by Diane to have my monthly period and it certainly is part of the Chastity report.  It shows up once every twenty-eight days and it's highlighted in red.   Paul sees it and in the three plus months i've been sending the report, has always made a comment about it.  The comments are not hurtful but rather more teasing in nature. 

i feel a bit better about sharing this with you.  It's something that's been on my mind but i just avoided it.  i've come close a few times because it did have some bearing on what i was writing about at the time but just didn't do it. 

So, whoever the anonymous commenter is who left the question yesterday, thank you for prompting me to get this done.  i'm glad i did it and realize i shouldn't have waited so long.


sissy terri

p.s. - i have many other questions to answer and promise i'll get to as many as i can here in future posts!