O/our Nighties

i've been quite busy this week but fortunately not so busy that i can't be here this afternoon when Paul and Diane arrive.  i've followed yesterday's instructions and selected a sexy nighty for Diane to wear and a pair of babydolls for myself.

Diane's nighty isn't the sexiest but it's one of Her favorite colors and one that She hinted at strongly this morning as being a preference.  It's one that i bought for Her years ago, made of lovely satin and a deep red.  She's always loved it.  That just adds to the excitement, eroticism and humiliation now that she'll be wearing it for Paul.

my own selection is a cute pink babydoll with a lace bodice and a flouncy and flared bottom.  It comes with a cute little G-string style panty which, when covering my chastity device will serve absolutely no purpose at all.  Just another tinge of humiliation there.

The two nighties are laid out on the bed and just waiting to be put to use.  Good use i hope, still wondering what my role will be this afternoon. 

After yesterday's post i got a lovely email from a longtime online friend i've mentioned before.  i call him "Big Dave" and well....he's a real man who i've always had a "sissy crush" on.  He teases me as good as, or better than anyone i know, with the exception of Diane of course.  Big Dave is sexy, dominant, romantic, ruggedly handsome and well....well....big.  You know, well hung.

Every time Big Dave writes to me, he sends my sissy head swooning with his sexy little notes.  Yesterday was no different.  Big Dave really enjoyed the lavender babydoll i posted, but had some sissy suggestions for me....

Sweet sissy 

That lavender nightie is darling.  Hope you have some matching waist high panties to match.  I'm not a fan of tiny panties on sissies.  That nightie cries out for some high waisted 60s style sleeping panties, bubble panties? Love the look of a tiny tucked sissy way down in her panties.  Really don't have any reason to work the front of those panties down anyway, do we sissy?

Might have to have you work with a seamstress to get it right... Take the nightie with you so they match.  

Big Dave
 See what i mean?

Wish me luck this afternoon.  i want to be a good sissy cuckold.