Sissy Lust

i had one of those increasingly rare "male moments" this morning, the ones where i get the sudden urge to have sex with Diane the way a normal man would.  Fortunately i kept the feeling to myself (until now), strained the confines of my chastity device and finished by acting upon it like a good submissive sissy cuckold wife.

It was a very brief incident, lasting no more than a minute at most.  But it's been stuck on my mind all morning, a testament to how powerful everyday routine and even innocuous moments can be.

i was out of bed first this morning, rising to the alarm on Diane's side of the bed which She immediately put on "snooze" after it first went off.  It's Her alarm and is set for the time She wants to get up, but it also serves as notification to me to get my butt out of bed and start the coffee.  That's what I did and climbed back into bed a few minutes later.

Diane usually goes through 2 and sometimes 3 "snoozes" but today She was up after the second one and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.  i stayed in bed just a few more minutes and went down the stairs to bring Her a hot cup of coffee just the way She likes it (first cup of the day with just a splash of skim milk, every other cup just black).  i set the cup on the vanity just as She was turning the shower off and went back into the bedroom to start making the bed.

When i returned to the bathroom, Diane had toweled off and was wearing just a white bra and a pair of white panties.  Her hair was up in a white towel.  That's when the "male moment" hit me.  She looked so sexy i wanted to fuck her right then and there.  The urge was sudden and powerful.  The lust to take Her in my arms, slide into Her and explode couldn't have been greater.

These randy and naughty feelings took place as i stood there wearing a pink babydoll,  pink slippers and caged.   It was then that my submissive instincts took over.  i moved behind Her, kissed Her on the neck, told Her how beautiful She looked, dropped to my knees and kissed Her beautiful bottom.

"Well thank you" She said in a very pleasing and happy voice as I continued to kiss Her.  "Maybe tonight you can get a little treat" She added just as i moved away.

A treat would be nice indeed.  i've only been allowed one orgasm in April (the same number i was allowed in March) and that may be the reason i had the "manly urge" this morning.  Another orgasm would be a treat.  We're going out to dinner with some friends tonight so if the treat is going to happen it's going to be a late one.  We'll see.

On the other hand as Paul mentioned when he was here Tuesday, Diane's had plenty of orgasms this month.  The Chasity Report is loaded with green with one lonely pink square for contrast.

Orgasm equality isn't one of the goals in a Female Led Marriage.


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I love this.


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