Wedding Days

"Editor's note:  the posts over the next week have been written and scheduled ahead of time, allowing Diane and i to enjoy a vacation with friends after today's big family event.  Live posts (and cuckolding) should resume when we return.  Love, terri"

My bridal fantasies are pretty well known among my readers.  Most sissies have these fantasies or something pretty similar, but they're mostly focused on wearing a lovely wedding gown for awhile and feeling like a bride.  For real brides so much more goes into that big day.

If they're lucky enough there's often months of planning to make everything turn out perfect, or if not, as close to perfect as possible.

When the big day comes i can just imagine the excitement that goes with it, especially when they get to put on that wedding gown before the ceremony.

A girl never looks as beautiful as she does on her wedding day.


sissy terri