No Cuckolding & No Punishement for Diane....Yet

i had to make my first ever revision to the "Cuckold Calendar" yesterday and it was quite a disappointing one for both Diane and Paul.  Their mostly regular Wednesday afternoon tryst was moved to late Monday afternoon to accommodate Diane's personal schedule for the next two weeks.  i mentioned we have an important family event going on later this week that's to be followed by a week's vacation with friends, so there was an effort to hook up with Paul before all that started.  i suppose it just wasn't meant to be.

Skipping a planned meeting isn't always a big deal, but when the next one is more than two weeks away it does tend to get Diane a little bummed out.  And based upon Paul's note back to me after this morning's Chastity Report, he feels the same way.  He also wrote the following:

"....and Diane's punishment for cumming without permission will be one of the first items on my sexual agenda when you two return.  It's a punishment that's also gathering interest, one that I'll allow you to both see and hear very well.  I cant wait."
Though Diane didn't see Paul yesterday She's "working late" tonight and he plans to stop by Her office before they both head home.  No doubt there will be more than just "heavy petting" going on.  i'm hoping that at least She'll come home wanting a little more.  More of what a sissy cuckold like me has to offer.  Admittedly it's not the same as what a real man has to offer.  But Diane doesn't seem to mind taking advantage of it.  The fact that She does pleases me also.


sissy terri