A Sissy Big "O"

"It" finally happened last night, and not at all like i thought it would.

"It" even surprised Diane.  And when it comes to my sex life, particularly since Diane controls it so effectively, little surprises Her.  But this did.

Early last night after She got home from the office, Diane required some special intimate attention. 

"Why don't you get sissied up?  Some ruffled panties, a sissy bra and stockings...you know what I mean" She said.  i knew what She meant.  i love all those things.  i love them even more when She "makes" me wear them.

It was an easy change of clothes.  Just taking off one pair of panties and slipping on another.  Same thing with the bra.  Then i slipped on some white thigh highs.

"Cute" She said of the pink bloomer style panties i chose.  They're the most ruffly ones i have.  Then there was the white bra with pink trim and a cute pink bow on it.  And my favorite thigh highs with white bows at the top.

Diane stripped and climbed onto the bed.  Nothing really needed to be said.  In our relationship i know what's required of me so i took my place between Her lovely thighs and began doing my best to pleasure Her.

It was immediately evident (even before i got close to removing Her panties) that Diane was very aroused.  i could just tell.  There was an immediacy to Her need for pleasure.  When i removed the panties, the crotch was noticeably damp.  i thought immediately that She'd spent a little time with Paul before leaving the office.  Perhaps some heavy petting and some fondling had taken place.  Or maybe there was some hot talk on the phone during their commutes home.  Whatever it was, Diane's pussy was already wet.

The whole scene and my associated thoughts turned me on immensely.  Underneath my soft ruffly pink panties was a sissy's clitty trapped in a pink cage, expanded to the limits of the cage and seemingly unable to do anything about its aroused state.

Diane was equally aroused.  It's easy for me to tell.  The juices were flowing faster and earlier than usual when we do this.  She was also more verbal than usual, teasing me about my sissy cuckold status, my inability to please Her like a real man, Her need for Paul and his superior manly lovemaking skills and more.  All of this put me in a deeper subspace than i'd ever experienced.  Her words were powerful and even though spoken in passion, conveyed a sense of truthful reality.  She meant them.

Her orgasms were equally powerful.  She was loud and wild.  She urged me to suck Her clit over and over, to finger Her bottom, to keep licking.  There was one loud and forceful instruction after the other.  All this made me feel more submissive and more aroused.  Had i not been in chastity i would have wet the ruffled panties very early on in the session!

When She came down from Her orgasmic high i lay next to Her as She was relaxing flat on Her back.  i cuddled by Her side, a little lower than Her so that i softly kissed Her right breast.  She had Her right arm around me and held me softly. 

"Thank You so much" She said, and continued. "I'm so happy I have you to please me this way.  You can't please me like a real man but you're so good at this.  You know you can't do what a real man does right?  But you're such a good wife."

The more She talked, the more aroused i got.  i began to feel a tingling of sorts and felt as if i was on the brink of an orgasm.  Like a silly sissy, i began moving back and forth with my pelvis, as if i was frustratingly humping against Diane as i sucked on the nipple of Her breast.

"Is my sissy wife horny?" She teased.  i nodded and continued to move back and forth.

i finally told Diane that i felt i was actually close to an orgasm.

"Oh really, is my sissy baby ready to wet her ruffled panties?  Go little girl....go ahead.  See if you can wet yourself,"  She continued with Her teasing and i continued with my sissy "humping."

And then i felt it begin to happen.

It began like one would feel when some precum leaks out, then it just continued.  i was having my first ever orgasm while in chastity.

i suppose because of the constraints of the device it seemed to last longer, with the semen slowly leaking out of the cage and onto the panties.  It was a very different feeling than any orgasm i've ever experienced.

It's hard to describe but it felt as if it was a very "controlled" type of orgasm, one that couldn't fully express itself if that makes any sense.  Emotionally however, it was as powerful as any i've ever had.

i never thought my first ever "chastity orgasm" would happen this way.  i always thought it would happen while Diane was making love to me with Her strap-on.  i've had orgasms from that before, just not while i'm in chastity.

"Don't worry.  We'll work on that next" Diane said.  She seemed as happy about my orgasm as i was.  Maybe even more.

i lay next to Her totally content and appreciative of Her love.  i could have stayed there all night but thankfully, Diane brought me back to reality.

"Time to get out of your dreamland and get me a glass of wine before dinner.  But first, make sure to wash those panties and clean out your cage.  I'm sure they're both messy" She laughed.

i hand washed the panties and hung then over the shower handle to dry.  i also let the cage soak in the sink for awhile before putting it back on.

Diane walked into the bathroom saw the panties and said "Those are pretty special panties don't you think?  Maybe I should have you sew a bow on them!"

i'd have to agree.  A big pink one!


sissy terri