For my Listening and Viewing Pleasure

"Of course she's locked" Diane told Paul.

That's how their phone sex session began on Saturday afternoon, Diane affirming my chastity status with Paul while i knelt at the side of the bed kissing the soles of Her feet.

But first, a little about Diane's posting and our trip to Victoria's Secret....

That Diane's posted here yesterday took me completely by surprise and so did the posts content.  We hadn't discussed either subject until moments before She sat down to post yesterday morning.   i don't think it was a spur of the moment decision on Her part.  She plans Her surprises, and is patient enough to keep them a secret until She springs it on me!

Saturday's planned shopping excursion was postponed to yesterday.  Diane didn't want to feel rushed in order to get back home for Her phone sex date with Paul.  It was a good decision.  We were able to take our time shopping on Sunday and hit a few other stores together.  The lingerie we bought at Victoria's Secret with my gift card included items for the both of us.  None of it has been worn yet.  It's being saved for "a special occasion."  Diane has far more patience than i do.

Shopping together at VS was fun though i was a bit self conscious throughout.  Diane went about it so casually that it made me a bit nervous.  She did nothing out of the ordinary that would draw attention to us, but at the same time She didn't suppress Her voice or avoid doing certain things that would lead someone to believe the lingerie we were buying wasn't just for Her.  

But i suppose the biggest giveaways were the fact that the matching lingerie we purchased was in two different sizes and colors and that i paid for it with my own gift card that i had to retrieve from my wallet.  Diane made contact with the sales lady and just smiled.  Naturally i carried the pink VS bag throughout the mall, even at the sporting goods store where i bought some Pro V1 golf balls that were on sale.  Fortunately they don't come in pink!

But on Saturday, my humiliation was very different;  far more private, intimate, creative and loving....

"she's sucking on my toes" Diane told Paul, "and licking the soles of my feet."

Diane didn't put Paul on speaker.  i really couldn't make out what he was saying.  i could hear very few words and his part of the conversation was left to my vivid imagination.  But based upon Diane's actions and reactions to his words, it was easy to discern what he was telling Her.

Diane was laying across the bed on her stomach, her feet dangling in front of my face so that i could pay homage to Her feet.  i then heard Her say "Yes sir" and immediately after She began sucking Her thumb.  She wasn't sucking it like a baby but rather, making the same types of sounds i've heard before when She sucks Paul's cock.  There were some moans, more "yes sir's" and the like until She suddenly withdrew Her feet from the edge of the bed, and got in a doggy style position with Her ass pointed upwards.

There was another "Yes sir" then She spread Her legs, reached between them with Her free hand and began rubbing Her clitoris.  i stayed kneeling at the side of the bed suddenly removed from but yet so close to the action.  i didn't stay that way for long.

"Lick my ass" Diane told me, an obvious order from Paul as She continued to play with Herself.  Closer now, i could hear a bit more of what Paul was telling Her.  More than once he told Diane not to cum but rather to continue sucking His cock.  She appeared and sounded to be doing Her best to replicate the sounds She'd make when taking His cock.  As i buried my tongue in Her bottom, the sounds were realistic in my opinion and very arousing.

i could sense that Diane was close to cumming despite Paul's admonitions and warnings not to.  Eventually, She couldn't help it and climaxed.  Her ass bucked back and forth and up and down before She collapsed flat on the bed.  i fell with Her and continued licking.

She apologized to Paul for cumming too soon.  i heard him say something about Her being punished.  She giggled and seemed an all-too-willing subject for such punishment.

Reflecting on the short session i did have some disappointment since i wasn't allowed to worship Diane like i normally do.  But the more i thought about it i believe my actions still played an important role in Her pleasure.  Paul's words and tone of voice, Diane's own manipulation of Her privates and my oral devotion to Her beautiful bottom may not have each equally contributed Her orgasm.  There was little doubt however that She enjoyed the combination.

As for me, even though i didn't hear everything i loved what i heard.  And the sights were absolutely stunning.


sissy terri