The Big Event

In recent posts i've been referring to our being busy and a big family event that was coming up.  i've been a little reluctant to share specifically what it was here on the blog.  My sissy sisters have known about it for awhile and they've kept their promise to keep it a secret until i had a chance to talk about it here.

i may be a sissy cuckold but my role as a father to my daughters trumps everything else.  It has always come first and always will.  That being said tomorrow is a very special day for Diane and i.  Our daughter is getting married.

It's been more than a year in the works (i should check back because it may be even two years...lol) and the planning has been extensive and meticulous.  My daughter and Diane have worked very hard to make the day special and so far everything has fallen into place.

Events like these tend to put our lives in perspective.  We reflect upon the past, appreciate the present and are filled with hope for the future.

i have a short post planned for tomorrow.  Pardon the brevity, but i'm going to be a little busy!


sissy terri