Cuckold Wednesday

My last orgasm was a month ago on March 1st.  Diane's was very early this morning.  In a break from Her usual routine, She insisted on some "morning worship" before starting Her work day.   It was a good day to start the month of April when it comes to counting our orgasms.  At least it was for Diane.  

Wednesdays typically mean an early start for Her.  It's usually the day when both She and Paul leave the office around 3 PM and head here for some intimate fun.  But today was much earlier than usual, though She was non-committal about whether or not they would be here any earlier.

i'm getting over the little funk i've been in because of the way i was treated on Sunday when Paul came over; excluded from any intimacy but made to endure some heavy humiliation while modeling my pink thong for them.  

Diane's been upset and frustrated by my childish behavior.  She's right.  my reasons to be upset are selfish.  i'm too concerned with my own feelings and pleasure instead of putting Her feelings and pleasure first.  It's really been the first such "episode" since i've been in chastity.  Overall, my submissivenes, attentiveness and docility has increased and She's happy with me.  However, i learn to be happy with things the way She wants them to be.

When Paul comes over this afternoon i may or may not be part of any intimacy between he and Diane.  That will be up to them and i must accept it. 

It's a hard lesson to learn.  One that's full of frustration.

The frustration stems from the fact that just about everything that will be going on arouses me and there's little to nothing i can do about it.  For instance, here's a quick list of things that drive this sissy cuckold wild....

  • i'll be feminized in front of Diane's lover Paul
  • i'll be locked in my CB-3000
  • They will be making love in our master bedroom 
  • i may be called upon to serve them in some way
  • i may be totally ignored
i've not been given any specific instructions about this afternoon, other than to be here when they arrive.  When i asked Diane if there was anything in particular She wanted me to wear i was just told to put something pretty on.

There's one thing i don't have to ask though.  That's whether or not She wants me in chastity when they arrive.  No need to ask.  That's one of Paul's rules

Chastity and Femininity - the two go hand-in-hand when it comes to sissy cuckolds!


sissy terri