Clothes for Cuckolding

Paul visits tomorrow.  i'm here too and there seems like little to get in the way this week of his and Diane's regular meeting.  i have lots to do but i will be getting most of it done while at home.  i may not have that much time for longer posts, but Diane has already told me to make myself "totally available between the hours of 3 and 5 PM" on Wednesday.  No telecoms with clients or any other interruptions.

There were other instructions also.  "Pick out a cute negligee for me to wear tomorrow and one for you as well.  Make yours a babydoll" She said.

The simple instructions have raised my excitement level tremendously.  i now can't wait for tomorrow, even though i still feel nervous and anxious about it.  i still don't know what, if anything, they have planned for me.  But just the idea of selecting something pretty for both of us to wear is very arousing to me.

It makes me think about how important clothing and dressing are to a sissy cuckold when it comes to
pleasing the Wife.  It's almost priority number one.  For the wife, at least in Diane's case though She does dress sexy for Paul, i don't think there's nearly as much thought about what to wear when they get together with their lovers.  The sex is far more important to them.

For this cuckold, the sex wouldn't be nearly as exciting if i weren't dressed properly!


sissy terri