Erotic Cuckolding

The weather's been rather warm here in the southwest.  We're not native to the area and haven't lived here that long, but we went swimming in our pool earlier this year than ever before.  We were able to swim comfortable in early March, making our friends back east green with envy.

i believe that i've mentioned before that our backyard is rather private.  Because of our property's location and elevation, the closest neighbors can't see into it.  Distant neighbors could catch a glimpse with some powerful binoculars, a telescope, some satellite, surveillance or a drone but it's rather unlikely.  If they happened to do so yesterday around 4 PM, they might have seen Diane lounging topless on the patio with Her lover Paul after taking a relaxing afternoon swim.

Oh, and they might have also caught a glimpse of a sissy in a flirty apron serving them a gin and tonic.  That would have been me. 

The dip and the pool and the late afternoon served by the cuckold took the edge of a busy day for the two of them, relaxing them just enough to enjoy the hour or so of sex that followed in our master bedroom.

The two of them arrived at our house about 15 minutes after Diane had called me to tell me they were on their way and to take the solar cover off the pool.  Once i receive instructions from Diane like this, i can't help but think of what scenario might ensue after they arrive.  Would i be made to wear one of my feminine bathing suits and join them for a swim?  Would they be swimming before or after they made love?  Would they swim nude? Would i be made to serve them as they lounged by the pool?

They ended up in the pool for about 15 minutes.  Not much swimming took place.  Instead, let's just call it some outdoor foreplay in the pool, with Diane often being held by Paul with Her arms and legs wrapped around his muscular torso.  Diane must not have been able to quite convince Paul to go into the pool naked as he opted to wear the bathing suit he'd brought along.  When they got out, the suit did little to hide his excitement.

They didn't finish the drinks i prepared for them, leaving the patio for the master bedroom about 5 minutes after coming out of the pool.  i didn't join them until after 5:30 PM when Diane called me.  Paul had taken a quick shower and was almost fully dressed when i came into the room.  Diane was in a ruby red satin robe i'd bought Her for Valentine's Day many years ago.  It was always one of Her favorites.

Paul was pleasant and even thanked me for the drink, apologizing for not finishing it.  He seemed very comfortable with everything; being in our bedroom, seeing me dressed and the whole situation in general.  i had a sense however that he wanted to say something and i was right.

"Don't worry, it's not always going to be this way.  Diane has plans for you.  See you next week."  He gave Diane a kiss and he left.

Paul was no sooner out the bedroom door when Diane had Her robe off and was ready for me.  She was eager to have me go down on Her.  It was as if She couldn't wait for another orgasm or two.  And i couldn't wait to provide it.  Despite some remnants of Her lover's seed between Her legs, there was never any hesitancy on my part.  Later, She admitted that my lack of inhibition and reluctance about cleaning Her turns Her on.

It was a very productive "orgasm day" for Diane.  She began with one early yesterday morning, had "at least a few" with Paul that afternoon and ended the day with a long and powerful one with me.  She may not have as many as Molly at Under Contract to my Wife, but April was off to a good start.

As for me, i remained chaste all day.  Sure it was challenging...but erotically fulfilling at the same time. 


sissy terri