The Sissy Easter Bunny

The two girls and the fiance decided to head into the city last night after dinner, late enough where they knew the parents were ready to call it a night.  The "why don't you join us?" wasn't an invitation they knew we'd accept.

That was fine with me.  And Diane got to enjoy our time alone as well.  Another block of green went on the Chastity Report.  No pink for me though.  It's only April 5th and having enjoyed a sissy orgasm just a few days ago i wonder if it will be my only one for the month again. Such is a life of chastity i suppose. 

But Easter is a day to rejoice and be happy.  So enjoy the day and dress pretty if you can.

Who knows, the Easter Bunny may even pay you a visit!

Don't worry...i won't stay for dinner :)


sissy bunny terri