Dinner for Three - Wife, Lover and Cuckold

The conversation at dinner last night between Diane, Paul and i was very pleasant, lighthearted and enjoyable.  Fortunately, the topic of whether or not the chicken kabobs i prepared had any phallic type resemblance never came up.  i never really thought it would but Mick, one of our loyal followers and frequent commenter seemed to think it might.  See his comment in yesterday's post.

i suppose more than 90 minutes of high octane sex will take the kinky edge of any conversation and let participants enjoy the mellow feeling that usually follows while enjoying a good meal.  Both Diane and Paul enjoyed the kabobs with their compliments dealing strictly with the chicken's taste as opposed to any sexually suggestive characteristics they might have.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere throughout.  We finished a bottle of wine and started on a second and the conversation flowed rather easily.  There was no reference to the sex Diane and Paul had just had but it was evident that the two of them were freshly showered when they came down for dinner.  Diane looked incredibly sexy.  Her hair was still wet and sensually disheveled a bit.  She wore a white blouse that had the top three or four buttons undone, no bra, some pink shorts and white sandals.

i tried not to show my disappointment that Diane had showered after the sex with Paul.  Likely washed away in the shower were the remnants of that sex which She knows i enjoy so much.  She later admitted that She sensed and even shared my disappointment, but the sex while showering with Paul was worth it for Her. 

After opening and pouring the wine i served dinner then removed my apron and joined them.  There seemed to be no expectation that i remain there strictly as a servant.  It wasn't that type of scene.  Again, any heightened sexual edge had been satisfied before dinner.

However, sex wasn't totally absent from the dinner conversation.  Diane injected a bit of kink when she commented on how i was "putting up some pretty impressive chastity numbers this month."  Paul agreed then momentarily surprised both of us when he said "I know.  Everyday I read the report it makes me a little jealous."

"Jealous?  Do we have to order another chastity cage?" She asked.  There was a bit of laughter all the around before Paul explained.

"No.  It's all the fun you've been having that makes me jealous.  All your orgasms when I'm not around" Paul said in reference to the days marked in green that represent Diane's orgasmic days.

"All you have to do is come around more often" Diane said. "i'll let you watch.  terri won't mind."

"Sounds like a plan for next week" Paul laughed.

i immediately thought of their next encounter and how i might be called upon to please Diane while Paul watched.  Would it be before, during or after they had their own sex?  All of the possibilities are good ones and i'm looking forward to it.


sissy terri