The Joy of Cuckolding

Last night as we were lying in bed, a little more than 24 hours removed from a short but intense bout of lovemaking with Her lover Paul followed by some intimacy with me, Diane suddenly blurted out "I should write a book about cuckolding."

The comment surprised me a bit because 1) each of us were seemingly preoccupied with reading a book from our Kindle and 2) Diane's not that committed to writing on this blog, much less take on something as time consuming as a book.

"What makes you say that?" i asked Her.

Why not Joy of Cuckolding?
"Well, you know that set of two paperback books I have that my mother gave me, The Joy of Cooking?  I've seen you use it before for some recipes and the title made me think a book with different recipes for happy cuckolding might be interesting" She explained.  "And for me, it is joyful.  There's far more good things about it than there are bad."

The chances of Diane authoring such a book are slim to none.  Better chance of hitting one of those super lotteries.  Though given the time to do so, i'm sure Diane would put out a marvelous piece of work.  She regularly writes papers for professional journals and has jointly authored a couple of texts, but i'm sure She could alter Her clinical approach to writing so that it would be appealing to the cuckolding crowd.

There's no doubt a large chasm between cuckold fantasy and cuckold reality.  Though  yesterday's "session" and others with Paul have gone quite well, it's not always the case.  Our own success is in large part a result of Diane's careful planning, creativity, patience and persuasiveness, not to mention that She's one very sexy woman! 

Cuckolding isn't cooking either.  You're not going to find a cookbook with disastrous recipes or dishes that taste awful.  Any book about real life cuckolding would be incomplete if it didn't include the pitfalls, failed relationships, awkward moments and other instances where things don't go well.  Thankfully, we believe that in our case, those days are behind us.

When and if Diane starts working on this new book.  i'll let all of you know.


sissy terri