Sissy Cuckold Promises

We're about to embark on an incredibly busy week that's to be followed by a week's vacation with some close friends.  That means that this weekend, other than a couple of usual commitments, is going to keep me pretty busy with domestic chores.

One "commitment" is another Saturday afternoon "phone date" for Diane and Paul.  Last Saturday's date was quite pleasant for the two of them.  i on the other hand received a well-deserved punishment from Diane and Her crop, sort of a sexual "appetizer" for Diane before the real fun began.  Once it started, i knelt in the corner with Diane's panties over my head while they frolicked over the phone.

Today Diane's promised me that if i get my sissy chores done in time She'll 1) take me to Victoria's Secret for some shopping and 2) allow me a more active role while She indulges in some kinky conversation with Paul.

i'm ahead of schedule with my housework so i've taken a few minutes to post something here.

But i'm not so far ahead that i can afford to waste much time, hence the brevity of this post :)


sissy terri