A Parade of Panties

Last Tuesday in my post titled Gagging a Sissy, i wrote about Google's new Blogger policy to prohibit blogs with adult content that show sexually explicit content or graphic nude images and video.  i noted that the move could be related to the pending FCC ruling on net neutrality that was set to come out last Thursday.  In a strange turn of events. just a few days later and just about the time the FCC issued its ruling, Google reversed its policy and now we're right back where we were.

Like most bloggers, i'm pleased with Google's decision.  At the same time i believe there will be more attempts to silence and remove adult content blogs in the future.  For now, i'm happy i can keep things the way they are right here :)

Last Wednesday's session with Diane and Paul is worthy of much more discussion and comment than i gave it on my post this past Friday, Wearing Diane's Panties.  So much happened in what seemed like so little time.

In addition, Diane and i spent much more time than we usually do discussing what happened later that night.  It was time well spent.  i'll write more about that later this week.

For today, i'm keeping it on the light, sissy and feminine side with an array of panties that i find absolutely adorable!  i love them all, but can you guess which one is my favorite?

You all know i love bows right?

And polka dots....

Then there's pink with a touch of lace....

And more polka dots.....

i also have a soft spot for panties with lace trim along the bottom....

And these...well, that backseam is so sexy!

And you can't forget ruffles....

And this last one has plenty of interesting characteristics!

Too many choices?  If not, there's plenty more on the tumbr site masajevia where all these pretty panties came from.

So..tell me which one is your favorite and see if you can guess mine!


sissy terri