A Cuckold Date for Diane

"I need you to get all your housework done by early afternoon" Diane told me this morning.  "Brian will be over later in the day for a few hours.  I also need you to disappear until around 7 PM."

Keeping to her strategy to only let me know about her plans with Brian at the last minute, or even after they'd been together, I wasn't told about this next meeting until she was ready to leave for the office this morning.  As I explained before in this post, she believes I get too anxious about the whole thing in the days leading up to their meetings and, by doing it this way, I'll be less on edge. 

"Take the bed down and leave a sexy nightgown laying across it" she added.  "Make sure the bedroom looks real nice."  Brian will once again take my wife in our marital bed. 

She sensed my initial shock but knew I'd get over it.  Before I could really get going with Wednesday's housework (which I usually take care of at a rather leisurely pace) she took my hand and pulled me close to her.  "I know you would probably enjoy it more if we could be  more open about our lifestyle with Brian, and you could stay here and watch, but I doubt it will we'll ever be able to get to that point with him" she said.

She's right.  I know I would probably have a hard time at first, just watching my wife with another man.  But like everything else that's happened with us, I would get used to it and I would enjoy it.  Now that I'm required to "disappear" when Brian comes over, I really wish I could be a full-fledged cuckold in front of the both of them.