Cuckold Conversations

Diane talks to Brian most every day.  Sometimes, if he's free in the evening they'll talk on the phone.  She's already told him it's okay to text her to see if he can call.  That's one of her ways to make him think I am "clueless" that they are having sex with one another.  After these phone call rarely will she volunteer what they've spoken about, but if I ask her, she'll usually tell me.

They had a phone conversation last night that lasted about fifteen minutes.  She wasn't very talkative after so I asked her if something in the conversation had upset her or if she was planning on seeing Brian anytime soon.  By  now nothing she says should surprise me, but again, I didn't expect to hear what she told me.

She's thinking about not letting me know too far ahead of time when they're going to get together.  She thinks it causes me too much "unnecessary anxiety" and it's just not good for me.  Instead, she believes that letting me know the day of their meeting, just before, or in some cases even after they've been together.  "It'll be much less stressful for you dearie" she said with a laugh.

Now, instead of having a little anxiety from the time she tells me until after they've met, I feel it all the time; never knowing if a meeting is just around the corner or taking place while we're apart.