Sissy Summer Fun with Ken

I heard from Ken this morning.  Ken is the man I had an "affair" with until he moved to Florida after his wife retired.  I like using the term "affair" because in many ways it makes me feel more feminine.  Even though Diane knew about it, Ken's wife Cynthia didn't so in that sense it definitely was an affair. 

Ken's call this morning has me all bubbly.  He's going to be here this summer not just once, but twice.  He and his wife are going to be here in early June for three weeks and he plans on returning by himself some time in August.  To say I can't wait would be such an understatement. 

A few weeks after I started blogging I told Ken about my blog and he's been reading it pretty regularly.  This morning, as our talk turned to more erotic things, he insisted I lower my panties and play with myself, using the sissy masturbation techniques I've described before.  He ordered me to come in my panties and I did - twice.

I've go so much to look forward to now that I know when Ken will be here.  He promised we would get to spend some time together and has already told his wife he will be spending a few days playing golf with some friends.  It's an excuse that has worked for us before and hopefully will again.  He even mentioned a golfing weekend away.  I can't get that out of my mind right now, and I can't wait to submit to him again.