Sometimes the Truth Hurts

One of the positive things that came out of Diane's first affair (but only after some very difficult times) was our agreement that we would be truthful to one another and more open in our communications.  It's worked very well for us and is the primary reason our relationship has been able to grow and be what it is today. 

Sometimes however, the truth hurts or at a minimum, is difficult to hear.  The information Diane shared with me last night is an example of something that I might have been better off not knowing.  Diane told me that her good friend Linda now knows that Diane is having an affair with Brian.  Linda doesn't know that I'm aware of the affair and our "open cuckolding" as Diane calls it.  But just the fact that Linda knows that Diane is having an affair is tormenting to me. 

Initially I was aghast that Diane would share this information with Linda.  I know they are very, very close, but I couldn't believe that Diane would just come out and tell Linda.  However, Diane only shared the information yesterday after Linda told Diane she was also seeing another man.   According to Diane, Linda was asking Diane to cover for her this coming week when she was going to be seeing her lover.  Linda felt awful about reeling Diane in to her web of deception but felt that it was her best way of providing an alibi and not raising any suspicions.  To put Linda more at ease and relieve some of her anxiety, Diane told her about her thing with Brian. 

I appreciate Diane's honesty with me, but I struggle with whether or not I would be better off not knowing.  I see Linda once and awhile and we sometimes get together as couples for social things.  I'm certainly going to feel different each time we see one another now.  Even though Diane hasn't told Linda about my knowledge of her affair with Brian, I can't help but be embarrassed that Linda knows I'm a cuckold.